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Friday, April 24, 2009

The Bird

I’m giving myself a 30 minute time limit for this post. That should be ample time to talk about a bird, right? Loading pictures is actually what takes so long.

Monday afternoon, a dear friend of mine, Shana, was visiting. The girls were outside playing, and we heard a knocking sound coming from the kitchen. When it didn’t stop, I went to see what it was. A bird was repeatedly backing up and flying into my kitchen window. Not too hard to hurt itself, but hard enough to make a loud noise. Once we were in the kitchen, the bird perched itself on the ledge and just stared at me and Shana through the window. I got closer and said “Hi little bird”. Then an overwhelming feeling came from deep within, and I said, “Are you Grady coming to visit me?”

Now, let me clarify. Before you determine that I've completely lost my mind (which I often feel that I have, but that's beside the point!), I DO NOT think the bird is Grady! However, I can’t help but wonder if God wasn’t using that bird to send me some sort of message. Especially after what a hard week I’ve had emotionally.

I think I miss him more than ever...

Keep reading. The story gets better.

Wednesday afternoon, I was working on my post about the second part of Grady’s service. I heard a noise on the window behind me and turned around. I’ll be darn if that bird wasn’t sitting on that window ledge, just staring at me.


Yesterday morning, I was home alone, sitting at the computer (where I spend a lot of time these days), talking to a friend on the phone. I heard a noise in the kitchen, and from my chair, I could see the bird in the kitchen window again. My camera just happened to be near me, so I was able to take this picture.

I went about my business, doing laundry and straightening up a little, when I heard a noise in the kitchen, again.

The bird was back, and I got another picture!

I truly think that God is using this bird to let me know that Grady is okay. That Grady is always near me. And that He is, too!

It's not just the bird. It's the feeling I get when I see the bird. It stirs up all sorts of emotions from deep within me that I can't explain. It's a feeling that gives me chills and brings tears to my eyes.

Another interesting tidbit...we have lived in this house a little over three years and nothing like this has EVER happened before! I’m really curious to see if it comes back today!

Have any of you had similar experiences? If so, please share!



  1. You know how I feel about red birds, and it makes me smile to know you have the same feeling around them.

    I really do think that God can speak through nature to show His ever-presence in all things.

    What a beautiful story. I know you needed this this week.


  2. Oh, I just love this post, Tonya! Of course, I read it when you first wrote it, but now that I have my computer settings fixed, I thought I'd tell you that I've heard of a few stories like this, and about two years ago, after hearing about a lady and butterflies, I told the kids I'd send them ladybugs! I really think God was sending you another beautiful sign that Grady IS with you and around you all the time. I love you!