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Friday, August 27, 2010

Matthew's Birth...In Pictures!

*Warning: This post is NOT for the squeamish!*

I was looking at these pictures on Gib's computer last night. Since I blog for our family and since I want to turn my blog into a book of memories, I thought I would post Matthew's birth in pictures.

July 16, 2010.

Never in a million years did I think I would have pictures of his actual birth. And I wouldn't have them if it were not for my dear friend, Kathie. She works in Labor & Delivery at the hospital and helped take such great care of me when I was getting the dreaded "Mag". She and my sweet nurse, Erin, who, by the way, prayed with and for me on the operating table. Amazing! Kathie stayed long after time for her to go home that Friday to be there for Matthew's birth. I'm SO glad she stayed. She somehow ended up with my camera, and I'm SO very thankful she did.

Here goes...6 weeks ago today...

From what I understand, not too many people are talking while getting the drug Mag Sulfate. The Lord was good to me, 'cuz here I am smiling. And laughing. And talking. And holding my abdomen with each contraction because they hurt SO bad! However, please note how red my cheeks are and the wet washcloth around my neck. It truly felt like my face was on fire! And I'm not exaggerating! Taken at 4:35 pm.

Kathie told me to make a mean face, but this was all I could come up with.

Gib got stuck in traffic on the way to the hospital. It was a Friday afternoon and there was an accident. But he made it in plenty of time. (5:28 pm)

A picture of my monitor screen and contractions.

My IV pumps. I was on 4 mg of Mag which is the maximum dose, and I was still popping out contractions one right after another. It was definitely time for a birthday party!

Dr. Joe, me and his nurse, Nanci. Who, by the way, came back to the hospital to assist Dr. Joe with my c-section on this Friday afternoon. I am forever grateful to her because I really wanted her there. His birth would not have been the same without her. She was there for Grady's birth, too.

Me and Suzanne, who had left the hospital earlier that day after working the day and night before. Remember, from a previous post, she called me around 2 pm and told me she was showered and ready to come back for a birthday party. I politely told her to shut up 'cuz we weren't having a party that day. Little did I know!

Under the knife, oxygen and drapes just 5 minutes before Matthew's birth. 6:32 pm.

Me and Gib waiting anxiously!

Matthew's head...


Dr. Joe cutting the cord.

Saying hello to everyone, especially Mommy & Daddy.

Being worked on by the NICU team.

Proof that he was a big boy!

Meeting Mommy for the very first time. Oh, so very special!

I made Gib leave and go with Matthew to the NICU. Here he is resting, 45 minutes after birth. Sweet Pea!

They wheeled me to the NICU to see him on the way to my postpartum room. Here I am touching his sweet little self for the first time.

I know I placed a lot of emphasis on Matthew's birth taking place on a Friday. I need to make it clear how much it meant to me that these people, who did not have to be there, sacrificed the beginning of their weekend and time with their family and friends to be with me. I don't take things like that lightly, and I will forever remember the love from everyone that day.

There is one special person who was there that I didn't get a picture of, and that's my NICU friend, Lori. She did come in specially for Grady's birth and she was at Matthew's also. It worked out that day that she was already working and had only a short commute walk to the OR.

So a HUGE, heart-felt thank you to Suzanne, Dr. Joe, Kathie, Nanci, Lori, and Erin for being there to welcome our rainbow baby into the world and to share this special day with me and Gib. I will never forget these people. Each of them will always have a special place in my heart. And when I think of this day, I will always remember the role each of them played in their own special way.

The End.


  1. Wow! Totally wow... these are such treasued scenes!!!!!

  2. Wow! I wish I had pictures like that for my babies births! Amazing.


  3. Great pictures of your precious boys birth... wow, that is so cool to have them. Man, I think you look awesome considering all you were going through. Tonya, still just praising God for your precious little Matthew... god's gift!

  4. looked so peaceful, and happy...and beautiful. These are amazing pictures!

    So glad that all of those loving, and caring people were there for you...that's wonderful!

    I'm so glad that Gib made it to the hospital in time, in spite of the traffic AND the accident he came across. He looks like he was doing his daddy job and being supportive to you.

    I am so happy that Matthew came into your lives...and you have it captured in pictures so you can always remember!

  5. ok, first you look amazing on 4 grams of mag!!! on 4 grams, i couldnt see, was puking and literally couldn't move! you make it look easy! ha!

    such AMAZING pictures....i am so happy you have those to document his birth!! thanks for sharing!

  6. I love your pictures! What a beautiful memory keeper. I'm so glad you have these to document sweet Matthew's birth.
    We have some from the OR with Hannah when she was born.
    I wish I had some of Owen's birth too. But, honestly, it is burned into my mind. I hope I never the details.

    And I agree, I think you look great!!