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Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Pics, Part 1

Isn't my hubby so funny! I had NO idea he would hijack my blog and write about me!

I'm still so far behind on posting pictures. I still want, and need, to post pictures from months ago of different moments with, and of, Matthew. This has become our family journal, and I'm amazed that anyone wants to read/see it at all. Posts like the ones today probably bore the stew out of you! But thanks for visiting anyway!

Christmas came early for my kiddos with a huge package from MeMe, our special family friend, who is very much like a grandmother to them. They couldn't wait to open their presents from her because they're always awesome gifts. Here is Matthew with his very first Christmas presents.

The girls got several things, all of which they loved!

Despite my temperamental camera, which is now completely dead, I was able to get a few pictures of the kids on Christmas.

We let the girls open one present on Christmas Eve. They chose which one based on the size of the present. Emma Grace opened a Blizzard Maker (which has already been taken back and exchanged for Barbies) and Jess a dolphin pillow pet.

Making cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve. Matthew was SO sleepy, but he was doing his best to get his foot in the cookie dough, kicking like crazy! I somehow managed to keep it out!

Christmas morning, just waking up. Waiting to see what Santa brought. Big gifts for each was a new mountain bike for Jess, a razor scooter for Emma Grace and a high chair for Matthew.

Other pics in random order, mainly because it's taking way too much time to organize them as I would like!

I made Gib take my picture with my beautiful kids. There's a certain two year old missing though...

If you've made it this far, thanks for enduring our Christmas morning fun. This is much longer than I thought it would be, so a "Christmas Pics Part 2" will follow soon.



  1. Tonya those were great pictures! My favorite was the one where you are wearing Matthew and trying to make cookies! He is growing so fast...What a cutie. It does seem like he wants to put his foot in that bowl. (:>)

    Happy New Year
    Love, Linda

  2. I love these pictures!! OH my goodness, I'm SO sad we missed you this Christmas. :(

    I really wanted to hold your little boy.... okay, that's it, come hill or high water, I'm seeing you guys this summer FOR SURE!

    Tonya, I'm glad you share your life through this blog and I'm glad to know you.