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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tidbits from T

I wish I had my camera handy to upload more Christmas pictures, but I don't. And I'm not in a position right now to go get it. Instead you get another dose of Tidbits from T. That's me!

I crack myself up.

***Jessica was happy to take her chocolate croissants to school this morning. I sampled one as I cut them into bite-sized pieces last night, and they were GOOD!

***After I posted last night, I did indeed go to bed. However, my girls did not.


I had tucked them in, each into their beds and trusted that they were going to sleep. Gib was up watching the Sugar Bowl. At 11:30, I heard a noise through the monitor from Emma Grace's room. Yes, 11:30!

I got up to find not only Emma Grace awake, but Jessica, too! Emma Grace had come home from school with a bad headache yesterday. I gave her medicine and told her to rest on her bed. She fell asleep. In the past when she has taken a late afternoon nap, she is back asleep by 9:30ish. Not last night.

Fortunately, they both got up easily this morning. But, they WILL be in bed early tonight. And this time, I'm not going to bed until they are asleep!

***I had a great conversation with my wonderful friend, Mary Beth, this morning. We spent almost 2 hours on the phone catching up. We promised it wouldn't be so long between our chats next time. I miss her living here so much!

***I absolutely love to watch The Biggest Loser. The new season started last night, and I always record it on DVR to watch the next day because I cannot stand commercials. I did indeed watch it this morning, but I ate chocolate chip cookies while I did. Something about that just isn't right!

***Speaking of exercise, I need to get busy with something of the sort. The number on the scale isn't so bad for me, but the flab on my tummy and hiney need to find another home. I'm honestly just not motivated right now to get moving. Part of it is that I'm lazy (honest truth) and the other part is that I'm afraid I really will eat like a cow once I start burning more calories. I'm seriously hungry all the time while producing breast milk.

***I'm not really making resolutions this new year. I never keep them anyway. However, I am striving to improve in some areas of my life, which I might decide to share. Then again, I might not.

***Matthew goes for his physical therapy evaluation tomorrow morning. I'm a bit anxious to hear what the therapist has to say. Is he really delayed or not? Is there a good chance that his right arm may function normally or not? Only time will truly tell, but I'm still anxious to hear it from a professional.

Speaking of Matthew, I noticed the left side of his head is a little misshapen last night. If I'm honest, I've been obsessing over it a little this morning. Has it always been like that, and I've just missed it, or is something else going on that I should be concerned about? That's the side where he has the porencephaly.

I want to start him on solids in the next couple of weeks. I have to get a good food processor and a double boiler with a steam basket first because I'm going to make my own baby food. I've wanted to do it with each of my kids. This is my last chance. Plus, since we are on such a tight budget, it will help us save lots of money AND will be healthier for him. I started both girls on solids around 4 months but for some reason have waited with him. I honestly don't know why.

***I haven't been nearly as productive today as yesterday. Oh well. Hopefully I will get a shower before Emma Grace gets home. Then again, maybe I won't. If not, my goal will be to shower before Gib gets home. At least that way it looks like I've done something! HA!

***Gib opened a Facebook account last week. It blew my socks off. He is the reason I don't have one! Don't's a long story that I'm not gonna share. But now he wants me to get one. Another shocker! I would love to make some changes to my blog first, update pictures of the kids and get it looking nicer. I really wish I had the money to have someone do it for me. It is so time consuming to choose a background and change colors, etc.

And I still want to turn what I've written here into a book. And I definitely need to back it up somehow. I would be absolutely devastated to lose these memories and my early writings on Grady and my grief.

***Oh, Grady. I've been thinking about him SO much lately. I know it has everything to do with Matthew and how he is growing and developing. How his smile melts my heart. How every breath he takes is truly a gift to me. How I know Grady would have looked like him. How unbelievably thankful I am for Matthew...I cannot imagine my life without him, nor can I remember what I did before him.

***I've been going through Matthew's drawers, taking out clothes that he has already outgrown. The ones that were originally Grady's are going into a bag to eventually be stored in a plastic container. I made sure that Matthew wore everything of his brother's at least once. I know I should donate them to a needy baby, but I honestly don't think I can part with them. And part of me doesn't want to get rid of Matthew's clothes, even though I know he is our last. I'm such a sentimental softie. Not just with clothes but everything! Just ask my husband. (Gib, there does NOT need to be a post about this, so don't even try! I'll change my login info in a heartbeat! *wink*)

Matthew is waking up which signals the end to this blog post, although I could "talk" all day. Just ask my hubby about that, too! Until next time...


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  1. You are so sweet to post about me:). I just never thought in a million years that this would be me... Oh well god has a plan through this all:). Thanks so much for all the prayers!

    I loved reading your tidbits. I will praying for matthew's appt. I am sure everything must make you think of Grady. My heart is with yours on that friend. I had to crack up thinking of the girls staying up so late. My kids are always trying to milk that lately:). Miss you friend!