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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Double Dog Dare-A-Thon

Saturday night, the middle and high school ministries of our church hosted the annual Double Dog Dare Marathon. From 8-10pm, they issued a new dare every 10 minutes for the students to complete. The winner of each dare would be awarded a prize the next morning at church.

Jessica invited two friends with the same name, Sidney and Sydney, to share in the fun. However, Sidney with the "i" (featured on my blog many times before) wasn't feeling well and couldn't make it. We sure did miss her!

Apparently, the girls had a little photo shoot of their own before the dares started rolling in.

I do LOVE these two! Could eat 'em up!!!

Jessica and Sydney.

I think they are trying to be models...oh me!

Here are the dares as best as I can remember:

Dare: Build the biggest fort you can. Not that big definitely fun making it!

Dare: Make a sundae on someone's face using ingredients of your choice. We didn't have ice cream, so we used mayonaise and chocolate frosting topped with sprinkles, black eyed peas and icing. The X across Jessica's face stands for Xtreme, which is what the middle school program at church is called.

Dare: Dress up in a costume. I was putting Matthew to bed for this dare, so I'm sure I don't have it 100% correct. Jessica had all sorts of different clothes on, starting with a dress she wore years ago to a Daddy-Daughter dance.

Dare: Cover yourself up to your head in something, inside or outside. (The winner covered himself in wood.)

Dare: Put as many spices in your mouth as you can at one time. Spice labels must be in the picture. We took these spices and put a little of each on a spoon and dumped them on Jessica's tongue. I thought this was a lot, but a friend of ours son won with 37 spices! The pictures that follow tell what it tasted like...

Dare: Make a mummy out of duct tape. We had to borrow some duct tape from our neighbor. Gib was nice to Sydney and didn't wrap her too much. If it had been Jessica, I have a feeling she would have been COVERED! We did have to help her stand up and make sure she didn't fall and hurt herself. She was able to waddle like a penguin which was cute!

Dare: Paint your face like a superhero or villain. We chose the Joker. JESSICA WON FOR THIS! She won out of the 6th, 7th and 8th grades. She got a gift card to a yogurt place that looks pretty cool. Can't wait to visit and use it! She plans to take Sydney with her to celebrate.

Dare: Build the tallest tower you can out of whatever you wish. We couldn't think of much, so I suggested putting it on top of some chairs.

Dare: Blow up and attach as many balloons as you can to someone.

Jessica couldn't move. She had 63 balloons pinned to her! We counted as we popped them in the picture below.

Dare: Do something that makes you laugh. Well these girls couldn't think of much, except for the fact that every time they stare at each other, they laugh...

The girls participated in every dare except one. It was to put as many clothes pins on someone's face as you can. OUCH! We only had a few, so we knew they wouldn't win. Gave them a little break to rest.

Lots of fun and looking forward to it again next year!



  1. That looks like oodles of fun!

  2. Looks like they had a blast! I can't believe Jessica's Joker-face. OMGosh! No wonder she won!!!!

  3. Tonya your girls are

    so adorable and sweet! I miss them even though I have only seen them in person once... I just remember how sweet they were to all my kids and how Anna just hit it off with the girls... Precious. Thinking of you Tonya!