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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tidbits from T

**So glad today is Saturday. And I'm even more glad that we are expecting beautiful weather. Sunny and 60 degrees! I plan to get myself and all the kids outside today for some Vitamin D! Maybe I'll attempt to wash my van. Not sure yet. But I definitely want to open the windows when it is warmer and let in some fresh air!

**Gib and I had a date (sort of) last night. We went to a couples baby shower for some friends of ours. It was lots of fun to hang out and just be out together without the kids. Except I didn't see my hubby much as I mainly hung around the fondue table, eating, drinking and socializing. Good times!

And for the record, just one more time, I would totally have another baby if my body and husband would allow it. I love all things baby! But it's just not gonna happen.

**I'm regretting the fact that the physical therapist suggested we blow up our exercise ball for some of Matthew's therapy. My girls constantly fight over whose turn it is.

**I have lots of errands that I need to run today, but I'm choosing not to. I really just want to be home with the kids and not so busy, especially after the busy week we had.

**I ran across a blog yesterday whose baby was born without a heartbeat, but they revived him and he lived for 9 days. They concluded that he laid on his cord. Exactly the same speculation as Grady. I can't get that family off my mind, and I can't help but wonder what would have happened if I had gone to the hospital sooner. It wasn't meant to be. My heart breaks for them.

**I've really enjoyed some of the new shows on Oprah's new OWN television channel. My faves so far are Enough Already with Peter Walsh and Behind the Scenes, Season 25. I watched an episode of Enough Already this morning and the woman reminded me a lot of myself. She had suffered a lot of death/loss in her life, too. Except I don't have the amount of clutter she did. But I will admit that every time I have to throw away something that my girls make, it creates tension inside of me. I know I have to get rid of things and can't keep everything, but I have to MAKE myself do it. Otherwise I'll end up on one of those shows. However, I would love for a professional to help me organize!

The point I was trying to make, before I got sidetracked, was that I love reality TV. The Biggest Loser is probably my all-time fave.

**My family room looks like baby central, and honestly, I love it. There's a swing, exercauser, activity gym, bouncy seat, another activity mat and random toys. I clearly remember a time when I longed for these items to fill my house, but instead it was the same as it was before, with no evidence of a baby being born anywhere except in my grieving heart. I'll take this clutter any day!

**I enjoy my pajamas way too much. If we don't have something planned, I often stay in them most of the day, which I know makes me less productive. It might sound crazy, but if I shower and get dressed early, I am more productive. I said at the beginning of the year that I was going to be better about this, but it hasn't happened yet. Just like exercising hasn't happened yet. It's all about choices, and I haven't been making the right ones in these areas. *SIGH*

**I reactivated my Facebook account and found an old friend that I grew up with. It has been so nice to reconnect with her and find out how she and her family are doing. She is one of four other friends who share my same birthday, September 10th. Only one of the others was born the same year as me. Pretty cool to personally know that many people born the same day!

**Speaking of being productive, its noon and I need to get busy doing something. I made breakfast but need to do the dishes and start some laundry.

Here's to another relaxed, ordinary day at home with the fam!



  1. I hear ya on more babies, I'm dealing with that right now and Hannah Kate is only 3 months. I think it's knowing that it's not recommended that makes me think about it more.
    Oh, and I love pjs too :). Have a great weekend!!

  2. I love my pajama's too. Not that I have official pj's more like just comfy t-shirt and sweats or yoga pants... :) But I often stay in them all day!

    PS Thanks for all the love and encouragement on my blog.

  3. We are retired and if we don't have things planned we stay in our PJ's as long as we want. (Mostly on the colder winter days) But I don't think it is any big deal. (:>)

    I am glad you were just planning to stay home and enjoy your kids. Families need to just hang out and enjoy life together sometimes.

    Sorry to hear about that family...I know your heart goes out to them. Mine too. I will pray for them.


  4. 1. More babies... yes! oh yes! I'm right there with you.

    2. I'm also much more productive if I get up & get ready for the day!

  5. Loved talking with you Tonya... thanks so much for the encouragement that you have given me. I so appreciate it! Loved hearing about all the little things you are up to... Love the biggest loser too:)