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Friday, January 7, 2011

An Ugly Three Letter Word


I guess it's really an abbreviation, but whatever it is, it's not fun and it has made its way into our home.

Matthew started with a little cough yesterday. He coughed some last night and it started to sound different. I could tell he was wheezing, so I made him an appointment this morning. They swabbed his nose, and sure enough, he was positive for RSV.

For those of you who don't know, this is basically inflammation of the bronchioles (tiny air passages in the lungs) which usually presents itself as a cold to most people. However, it can be more dangerous to babies, especially preemies. I'm just praying he stays out of the hospital. I think we caught it early, so hopefully that will help.

Emma Grace got the Synagis vaccine against this her first two winters. Insurance denied Matthew because he didn't meet all of their "criteria". Dr. E, our pediatrician, decided in November not to appeal their decision. I didn't really argue with him because Matthew doesn't have the "sick" lungs that Emma Grace had from all her time on the vent. I also didn't argue because he had just gone around in circles to get Matthew's MRI approved because insurance didn't want to pay for that either.

Ironically enough, I got a call from the home health agency yesterday saying that Dr. E had decided to appeal the Synagis for Matthew and they would be back in touch with me. It's a mute point now that Matthew actually has the illness. Truth be told, I'm mad at Dr. E for not appealing earlier, and I'm mad at myself for not insisting on such.


Nothing can be done about it now. We just move forward from here. So, Matthew will have breathing treatments every 4 hours during the day and at night, if needed. He will also be on an oral steroid for five days. Poor thing, it tastes terrible, and I know he's going to hate it! He fell asleep on the way home from the pharmacy, and I don't have the heart to wake him. He hasn't napped good all day, and he needs some good sleep. I don't look forward to his first breathing treatment or steroid. He is NOT going to be a happy boy!

Please pray for him that he has an easy course of this illness and doesn't have to be admitted to the hospital. I'm high-strung anyway when it comes to illness, but as my mom used to say, "My nerves are shot". I'm doing my best to pray and trust...



  1. Praying that Matthew gets well soon. With all the love and care you'll give him, I know he will. This post made me mad about the insurance system in this country. In France, he would have been cared for immediately, both vaccinations and MRI, without question and with no out-of-pocket cost to you and Gib. Hard heads in this country who scare Americans about the evils of socialized medicine do not have their facts straight. Period. *sigh* Sorry! No more platforming here on your blog, LOL. Kisses to Matthew <3

  2. Praying Matthew gets well quickly. My brother is a respiratory therapist and he warns all parents against RSV. Tyler had it at 5 months, we were able to give him his breathing treatments even when he was sleeping (just put the tube or mask over his mouth and nose) and let him breathe it in, hopefully little Matthew can too! Praying for your nerves, I know how scary this is.


  3. So sorry about the RSV. I have prayed for Matthew and will continue. Try not to worry. I know it is hard. Our preemie granddaughter had that shortly after she was born too...but got over it pretty quickly. (She is now 18) (:>)

    Love ya,

  4. UGGH! So that stinks! I will be praying. Our son Aaron had RSV at 3 months old and it was awful. I will pray Matthew can kick it quickly! I ate RSV. Hate it. :-(

  5. Boo!! Insurance red tape is so frustrating, especially when it could have prevented illness. Matthew is the third little baby I've heard of who has gotten it of my Georgia friends, it must be going around. I hope he starts feeling better soon!!