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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Matthew's On The Mend

Matthew had a super good night last night. So good that I think he's going back to his own bed tonight. He slept from 10pm till 7am without any weird noises, coughs or needing his nose suctioned.

We did make an impromptu trip to the pediatrician's office today, though. I changed his diaper around noon and noticed that his hydrocele (the left side of his scrotum where he has excess fluid) was super big. Not only was that area big, his lower abdomen just above his private part and next to it was also very swollen. I knew it was related to all the coughing he's been doing, but I was a bit concerned and called the doctor. I don't think the nurse consulted the doctor before telling me to come in. So, I braved the ice and snow, which thankfully wasn't too bad.

Of course, when I got there and opened Matthew's diaper to show the doctor, it looked much better. However, we chatted about it, he told me what to look for if something really was wrong and he wants us to go ahead and see a general surgeon. There's still a chance that this area will close on its own, which is what we will hope and pray for. The thought of Matthew going through surgery scares me silly. More the anesthesia than the actual surgery. If this hydrocele stays a hydrocele, no immediate action will be necessary. If, however, some of his intestine dips into that area, it then becomes a hernia and will have to be taken care of ASAP. Time will tell.

It was nice to have our same doctor listen to his lungs again. Dr. E said he was "much improved" and that he was on the mend. That was worth my drive and co-pay in and of itself. But we do have to go back on Monday for his 6 month well-check. He said Matthew could go ahead and get his immunizations that day, but I'm a bit skeptical. I've never liked my kids to be sick with anything when they get their shots. I'll cross that bridge on Monday.

I'm ready for some relaxation. I'm extremely overwhelmed by this last week and the worry that has accompanied it. I'm truly exhausted on all fronts. I really thought Matthew would have a bit easier of a time with this RSV because of his size and the fact that I'm still giving him breast milk. It is easy for me to forget that he was a preemie because his size is deceiving. I'm so thankful that Emma Grace was able to get the vaccine against RSV as a baby because she would have definitely landed herself in the hospital. Her lungs would not have been able to handle what Matthew has been through.

In other news, Gib and the girls were home today, and will be home again tomorrow, because of the snow and ice. Buddy loved being outside in the white stuff when it was just snow. Now that it has turned to ice, he hates it. He's having a hard time "taking care of business" if you know what I mean. Frustrating to say the least, especially when the wind is whipping through you.

Gib has been using this time off to hone his video making skills. He took the NILMDTS pictures of Grady and made his own video for his facebook page. I will put it here once I have a code with which to embed it. It still amazes me how much Matthew and Grady look alike.

Can't think of too much more to ramble about today. I wish I could just go take a nap. But seeing as how it's almost 5pm, it's time to think about dinner. No rest for the weary here.



  1. I am so very thankful that Matthew is doing better! John and I just prayed for him again this morning.

    Sorry you had another scare and had to take him in. I hope it doesn't become a hernia and require surgery. We will pray about that.

    I am so thankful that Gib has been home with you through this time with Matthew's RSV. I know you are thankful about that too.

    Get some rest sweet friend.

    Love, Linda

  2. YAY!!!!!!!! I am so very glad!!!!!!!

    And, I really hope that there is some rest in the near future for you!

  3. Glad he is on the mend. Keep getting better little one!

  4. Tonya,

    We really like the general surgeon that Les saw at Scottish Rite for his hernia. Let me know if you want his name and number. He came highly recommended and we agreed!


  5. I'm so glad Matthew's feeling better. I hope this weekend was restful. And hopefully, Gib has tomorrow off too, so you can rest some more!