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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our Little Lion..(Little Bear's Big Brother)

So, I have taken over T's little blog again! Here is my little video she mentioned. I am working on some other family videos since I can't make it to work due to the snow and ice. Before you view, mute or pause T's music at the bottom of her blog.

In all honesty, this stuff is very easy. You only need to know Adobe Photoshop & Windows Movie Maker. I used to teach both these software applications to students and adults so it comes easy to me. If the video is less than 2 minutes and 100 Megabytes you can post it to You can also post it to and share the link or embed it into your web-page. provides this code to you with a simple click of the button.

OK....I'm a nerd. T tells me that all the time!!

A special thanks to Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep for the photographs! Music by Craig Cardiff. Song entitled "Smallest Wingless".

(a.k.a. T's Technical Support)


  1. Tonya, big bummer I can't watch it on my kids IPod. I will have to come back and watch it after all tis bedrest is over:). I am so glad Grady is doing better:). Praise God!


  2. Beautiful! I know that you miss Grady so very much!
    I'm glad to hear that little Matthew is feeling better.
    Sending my love,

  3. That's so beautiful. Thank you for sharing it!