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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Short Update

It's short but not sweet. And I'm apologizing for any typos I miss because my hands are shaking like I have Parkinson's from all the Terbutaline I've had.

Basically, I was VERY encouraged yesterday because the Procardia they gave me yesterday quieted my uterus amazingly well. However at 4am this morning, I started contracting frequently right through it. They gave me some oral Terbutaline twice between my scheduled doses of Procardia. I continue to contract. I have had subq (in the arm) Terbutaline twice which has not helped very much either. Dr. Joe feels that if the subq Terb in my arms doesn't help, the Terb pump in my leg might not do that much better. He is talking about a low-dose of Mag Sulfate to be started later today. I'm dreading it. Literally dreading it. But hopefully a low dose will be okay and do the trick, and I might not feel so horrible on it.

I did get my second dose of Celestone yesterday at 5pm to help Dumplin's lungs. That's good. Our goal now is to make it to next Wednesday the 21st. Dr. Joe has me TENTATIVELY scheduled for a c-section that morning at 7:30am. He said we will cancel it if I'm doing great; otherwise that's the day. But, that day may come sooner if my uterus doesn't straighten up and behave.


I'm so frustrated and MAD at my body. I'm HATING my body in fact! I know there are plenty of you reading who have been there yourself.

There are a slew of emotions whirling around in me right now. Too many to write about, and truthfully I don't want to write about them.

As I just typed this, I got my third subq Terbutaline shot. Probably time to say goodbye before my hands shake so bad I knock the computer off my lap.

Please pray these meds work and Dumplin' holds off until next Wed. Every day he can be inside of me helps him to have a better outcome. But as always, God's will. Not our's.



  1. Thinking about you and praying for you both!

  2. I am praying for you and your sweet little boy. God will give you strength to face whatever side effects the medicines bring. You are so strong, and you inspire me. There's still so much to hope for.. I know I will be. Praying for you and your precious little boy...

  3. Thinking of and praying for you and your sweet, precious little boy.


  4. just want you to know that i love you and dumplin' and am prayinig.

  5. Your whole family is in my daily prayers! As hard as it is, in everything rejoice! Rejoice you are in the hospital being well cared for and watched over. Rejoice that Dumplin' is still baking and living! I just know God will provide a wonderful vicotory in this! He is so good! Covering you in Prayer!!

  6. Tonya,
    When I think of all that you have been through in your life... I can clearly see the strength that the Lord has given you... I know we don't always feel strong... trust me I totally get that... but I also know that the more I get to know about you the more inspired and amazing I think you are.

    God has gifted you so beautifully. He chose you to be precious Dumplin's mom, just as He chose you to Jessica, Emma Grace, and Grady's mom.

    I am praying for the the Lord to lead and guide you , Gib, and the Doctors in how to care for you and Dumplin. I am trusting in Him for that. You are in my prayers continuously... May you feel His peace surrounding you today!

    Love you friend!

  7. thanks for the updates! praying for you guys!! Shan

  8. My husband and I are praying for you Tonya! Trust, Pray, Rest...and let God do His Best!!

    He loves you and little Dumplin sooo much!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  9. Praying for you and Dumplin. If you do end up needing the magnesium I would have your hubby bring you a fan if he can. I think you are more cold natured than I am but it made me hot (definitely bearable, but the fan made a big difference). I hope this evening brings you sweet rest!

  10. Uplifting prayers for you all. Rest up,let them pamper you!!! Talk to you soon.
    Love ya!

  11. Just left you a message on your machine and then got a chance to check your blog. I'm praying hard that the low dose of mag sulfate will do the trick and not affect you too much. I'll check in with you again soon....
    love you,
    Mary Beth

  12. Tonya,
    I'm thinking about you. Just read your entire blog. Let us know if there's anything I can do. How about Chick-fil-a instead of hospital food tomorrow? I'll check in tomorrow. XO Kathie Butler

  13. Annette StandridgeJuly 15, 2010 at 10:54 PM

    I am praying with all that is in me that God's will be grace filled, heart mending and love anointed. I am always here for you. I love you!

  14. Praying for you Tonya and Baby Dumplin! Hang in there and Rest in His arms.