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Friday, July 23, 2010

One Week Old

I wasn't going to blog tonight because it's late. I have to keep it short, though, because I'm due to pump at midnight and then I'm hittin' the hay. Boy, am I ready!!!

Today, sweet Matthew turned one week old. He had a great day! He has taken all of his feedings by mouth, and he nursed twice while I was visiting! He is digesting his milk well and has gained a bit of his weight back. He weighed 5 lbs, 13.4 oz this morning. They have turned his IV nutrition down further; hopefully he will be off of that soon. He did have the ultrasound of his head this morning, but the results are not back yet.

Getting ready to nurse today. Waving hello to all of you!

Jessica held him again today, and Emma Grace almost did. I truly think she's afraid of dropping him. I'm trying not to push her, but I'm also trying to encourage her that she won't be alone and we will help her. She will do it when she is ready...even if it's when he comes home.

Jessica changed her first diaper today!

Daddy held him the most today which was great for him. We were only supposed to have him up for an hour, but it turned out that he was out of his bed for THREE! They got an admission of a sick baby and the nurses were so busy helping out that no one came to take him from Gib. For some reason, they moved Matthew to his own little room off from the main nursery. The nurses can hear him and his monitors, and it is SO nice to have the privacy when we visit. Plus it is much more quiet for him in there.

It broke my heart, though, because when he got back in his bed after I nursed him, he was wide awake, looking around. And left all alone. Poor baby. It literally took everything in me to leave, but I had to because it was shift change and no parents are allowed in the unit.

Another reason I wanted to post tonight was to share this amazing rainbow that we saw on the way home from the hospital. This brought me such peace and left me speechless.



  1. Congrats on your handsome blessing.

  2. Tonya, Matthew looks great! He is making amazing progress. Praise God!
    I love rainbows too. They are a special reminder of God's love for us and his gift of a new beginning.
    Thinking of you often.

  3. Tonya-
    He is just so beautiful and I'm so glad things are going well. But my favorite part of this post was seeing the absolute JOY on Jessica's face as she is with him! What a blessing Matthew Grady is to your family and while his presence may bring grief over missing Grady, his presence will also bring so much healing!

  4. Rachel,
    He is just getting cuter by the second... beyond precious. Friend, I am so happy for you! I can not imagine having to leave, but just keep thinking of that day when you will leave with him...God has brought you through so so so much... and he will sustain you through all of the tough moments of the next month... I have full confidence in that... I love you and am praying Tonya. I love it... I have been in such a habit of waking of and praying for my pregnant friends that now I wake up and pray for your Matthew...


  5. I am so glad that it is all good news with Matthew.

  6. Happy Birthweek, little Matthew! I truly believe that rainbows are promises! Jessica & Gib look so happy with the little dude. Kathie B.

  7. He is beautiful! Can't wait to kiss those cheeks!!!