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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Countdown

It's something I said I wouldn't do. When my friend, Ebe, told me how many days she had until her sweet Hannah's arrival, I remember clearly stating that I could never count down until we got really close. It would drive me crazy.

One thing I've learned in life is to "never say never". I was bored in the car pool line one day and found the calendar on my cell phone. What did I do? I counted the days until August 4th, the date of Dumplin's scheduled c-section.

104 days.

It seemed like an eternity.

What number are we at today?


28 days until our baby boy is scheduled to arrive. This is, of course, our plan. God may have a different one, but I hope not. He needs every day inside of me for his lungs to mature.

Ebe had jelly beans in a bowl and each day she or her hubby would eat one. I stole that idea from her for the girls. Instead of one bowl, we have two, one for each of them. Instead of jelly beans, we used Skittles.

Here they are counting their Skittles into their bowls.

We started at 45 days.

This is what the bowls look like today, at 28.

And just for fun, I pushed the Skittles to the top portion of the bowls and added a bit of Dumplin' in the picture.

It's a bit surreal that we're down to four weeks. Jessica keeps saying she's ready to go back to school. I'm NOT ready for them to go back. It seems like they just got out. Her reason for wanting school to start back is this..."But Mommy, when school starts, [Dumplin'] will come two days later".

So, counting down we are. All of us. Even Gib.



  1. Praise God Tonya... OH MY GOODNESS, you are getting so close... I can... not... believe... it! Tonya, I am bursting with joy for you and praying along side of you every day for His safe arrival and smooth delivery for both of you. Please let me know any specifics you want prayer for... but I think I know some of them:)

    Love you dear friend! So thankful that the lord has brought you this far:)

  2. By the way, I realize for you it may not seem as close as it does to those of us just watching you from your blog... so I am not at all diminishing any part of the struggle that you may face some days... I am praying for that as well... all the time:) Praying for the Lord to just wrap you in His strong arms these last 28 days or until the Lord has the perfect time for that precious one to arrive:)

  3. When I first heard of Dumplin, I wanted to hold my breath until Dumplin was born healthy, full-term, and in your arms. Sort of like, "I will hold my breath til I get what I want." Arms crossed, nose in the air. I had great intentions, but my lungs voted against it. So I settled for taking short, tentative breaths. The lungs felt that would work for a while. It was breathing, but there was a clear distinction between this tentative breathing and taking full, deep breaths. It's like I almost feared that a deep breath would rock the boat and cause choppy waves that could move the pregnancy off course. I also worried that a deep breath followed by a slow, long exhale would make me appear relaxed or unconcerned. That is not me, for sure, as the shallow breaths remind me that is a long process, where we humans have very little control. So,until the moment that Dumplin is in your arms,I keep taking the short, shallow breaths. And when Dumplin is in your arms, a precious miracle from God, I will take in a slow deep breath until my lungs feel they will explode and I will so slowly, release that breath and enjoy the tension leaving me, the fears and worry and feelings of helplessness all melting away. And transforming into wishes of love, health, joy to your entire family. xxxooo Aimee

  4. Seeing the Skittles in the bowl is so exciting!!! You are in my prayers.


  5. I can't believe how fast this time is going. The Skittles is such a neat idea.