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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Again, Not What I Expected

Things aren't terrible, but they're not great. Definitely not what I expected when I was admitted yesterday.

I was admitted around 1pm yesterday, and within the first 30 minutes I was on the monitor, I had 12 contractions. Granted, they weren't real contractions, but they don't even want someone to have more than 6 braxton-hicks per hour. I was well above that. From 2-3pm, I had 19 contractions; 3-4pm, 14; and 4-5pm, 7. Those numbers only got better because I was given oral Terbutaline to help them subside.

Starting at 5pm, they gave me three shots of Terbutaline in my arm. This did the trick, and my uterus was calm for a while. Dr. Joe was happy with the results. I got another oral dose at 8pm, and we waited.

I had the nurse put me back on the monitor at 2am because I was feeling more contractions. I have contracted all night. Got another three shots between 4-5am that didn't work. They have just given me some Procardia. If I don't do well on this, either because it will drop my BP too low or because it doesn't stop the contractions, Dr. Joe is talking Mag Sulfate. I've only heard horror stories about this medicine, but I'm most certainly willing to try it.

The concern, again, is that with all of these contractions, my uterus being so big and stretching so much, that it could possibly rupture. I'm extremely glad I'm here, but it's very frustrating, too. You see, these contractions are nothing new for me. I've been having them, this frequent and this strong, for weeks. But now that I'm here, they're a big deal. And I understand why. I'm just frustrated. I thought I was coming just as a precaution. What was my norm has now turned into a medical event.

I didn't sleep a wink last night between contractions, this crick in my neck, thinking about Dumplin' being born even earlier than 36 weeks, and worrying about the possibility of getting Mag today, or soon. I really want Dumplin' to make it one more week to 34 weeks. "Wimpy white boys" don't always do that great in the NICU. Dr. Joe has the same goal in mind, but he will not wait if a more serious situation arises. The main goal right now is for me to get my second dose of steroids for Dumplin' today at 5pm. These help his lungs mature a little faster.

I'm trying very hard to find the positives in this because they are always there. I'm 33 weeks today. I'm here being monitored closely. I'm here if an emergency does arise. My family is wonderfully supportive and taken care of. My baby is still alive. I believe and trust in a God who is in control and has a plan for both me and Dumplin'.

Thank you so much for your sweet comments and prayers. Internet connection here at the hospital is TERRIBLE. I've only been able to log onto my email once, on only one of my accounts. The internet connection apparently does not like Yahoo. So, if you've emailed me and haven't heard back, please don't think I'm ignoring you.

Thanks for checking in and praying for us!!!



  1. Praying for peace for you and that you will find rest in God's sovereignty, and that He will continue to protect your precious son.

  2. Oh my, I am praying for you Tonya...I cant imagine how you are feeling right now. We can trust that God knows what he is doing. :'(. In Christ, Kiley

  3. Oh, sweet friend. We've been praying for you and thinking so much about you. I want to get down to see you so bad! I called a little while ago and hope that you know how many people love you and your baby boy and how much we're all praying for you both.

  4. We are thinking and praying for you and all your family!
    Lots of love,
    Kathy (Mrs. Boo)

  5. I'm glad you are there and Dr Joe can watch you closely. Thinking about you and Dumplin' today.

  6. oh sweetie, i'm so sorry....

    mag -- just sleep through it. my best advice. i can't sugar coat...just sleep it away...sleep the days away....

    can you ask for ambien? its totally safe in pregnancy and i took it every night of my 5 week hospital stay...i would NOT Have slept otherwise...seriously, its amazing and not addictive at all! just a thought...

    hang in there! and those steroids are golden! :)

  7. Oh Tonya,
    I just called and left a message for you at home... I don't have your cell number... I don't even know if you are up for talking anymore with what is going on. Know that I am on bedrest tomorrow just hanging out if you are bored and want or need to talk... I would love to. My cell 262-751-8056. I did email you so I am not sure if you got it or not. No pressure at all!

    Just know you and Dumplin are TOTALLY on my heart and in my prayers! Tonya, remember that the Lord knows the perfect birthday for Dumplin... He knows... I know you know that... but I am praying for you to have peace as this all unfolds. Of course my prayer is that he stays put for longer, and that miraculously He allows what ever meds you need to work out ok for you. May God be gracious to you each day... remember His mercies are new every morning... Great is His faithfulness! He is your portion wait for Him.

    By the way, we transfered 3 today... excited... praying for the Lord's will to be done:) We appreciate your prayers too:)

    You are in His hands... He will carry you through this as He has through all things:)

    Love you friend!


  8. Tonya, still praying! I hope to see you very soon, dear friend.

  9. Tonya, I too am praying that you are able to go further along. Praying for the safe arrival of Dumpling.