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Monday, September 7, 2009

A Sweet Reunion

I'm a little behind in posting this, but "better late than never" is my motto!

On August 19, 2009, I met up with one of my long-time friends from high school named Jenn.

Jenn and I became friends in 8th grade. At the time, there was not middle school where we lived, so we entered Lakeside High School as sub-freshmen. I forget exactly how we met, but we became fast friends and spent a lot of time together. We were great friends all five years of high school.

We had not seen each other in 10 years! I had last seen her a couple of months after Jessica was born. Another friend of ours gave her the link to my blog (since I'm not on facebook), she emailed me, and viola, we were back in touch. I can't tell you how happy I was to hear from her!

She came in town, and I saw her the morning she was leaving to go back to Florida. We were originally going to meet somewhere, but it ended up that I drove to her parent's house to visit. What a treat that was! Not only did I get to see her, but I got to see her baby, her parents, and visit the house where we spent so much time together growing up. It truly felt like I had gone "home" in a sense.

I had muffins for mom that morning with Emma Grace.

I headed down to Atlanta and got there about 9am. We had planned to go somewhere for coffee so we could chat. But it turned out just like always...

We settled in on the sofa, her mom and dad "disappeared" to give us time together (that always happened in high school, too), and we stayed put for about two hours just talking and catching up. It was definitely a time that I will never forget. I wish there had been more time, but I was just happy to reunite with her.

She is married to a great guy and has a beautiful baby boy named Maddox (Max for short). It was great to see her so happy, with a baby of her own. Jenn is also a baby-lovin' fool just like me. We would often spend our Friday and Saturday nights babysitting together somewhere. I loved getting to see her baby, although I couldn't help but wish I had Grady there, too. If I'm remembering correctly, her Baby Max will turn one sometime later this month.

Her parents have always been so loving toward me. They are wonderful Christians who have a true, genuine, loving spirit about them. Her mom has the sweetest voice to match her beautiful smile.

I'm hoping the time between visits with Jenn and her parents is much shorter in the future!

Hope all of you are having a great Labor Day!



  1. I'm so happy for you. I just recently saw a friend that I hadn't seen since my wedding day almost 21 years ago! It was so much fun to visit - although we didn't have 2 hours together.

    I'm sorry you weren't able to have Grady with you. She'll get to meet him someday though - isn't that a wonderful thought? :)


  2. Tonya,
    I am so glad that you got to get together... what a special time. I had a similar sweet get together with a high school friend up in Wi. It is so nice to talk with someone who knew me pre- losing Samuel. Not something I get to do much living in a new city.

    Wow, looking at those pictures of her Maddox, I can't help but think would Samuel and Grady have a full head of hair like that or how many teeth would they have... so bittersweet. Do you think the same things when you see one so close in age to the boys? Just wondering...

    Thinking of you and praying for the Lord to bless you with a great week.

  3. hi tonya! :) that was a beautiful day for me as was so good to see you anyway but particularly now b/c i HAD to give you a huge hug. many years to make up for!!!!
    i CAN imagine what you are going through and that's why your blog really hits my heart and soul. since having maddox i've learned a new level of love; and i cannot bear the thought of losing him. ....
    he turned 1 yesterday and it was such a bittersweet day b/c i want him to stay an infant but i can't wait to watch him learn. and i thought of you so much yesterday and realizing how hard grady's birthday is going to be. so...i can imagine how you feel and that i would never be the same again either!!!!

    it was sooooo wonderful to see you and it worked out perfect! i think it was great that we stayed at home b/c that's how it always was. had it not been in the morning i would've offered you a pimento cheese!!

    i love you and i think of you often. please keep in touch...much more to write about but i'd rather talk to you.
    --jenn and max