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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just Curious...


I'm so curious to know who reads my blog!

I have about ten faithful readers that I know for sure. When I put up a new post, I get about 75-100 hits. I only have 35 followers, half of who are real life friends, many of whom haven't read my blog in months. I'm just excited and amazed that anyone wants to read what I have to say!

I don't blog to get followers or to see how many "hits" I can get. I blog about my family, my thoughts and my heart.

BUT, I'd love to get to know my readers, even if you're a "lurker"! If you have a minute, leave me a comment and introduce yourself! You can post a comment under anonymous if you don't have a blogger/google account, and then put your name at the end of your comment. Or, you don't have to disclose your name - that's perfectly fine too! I would love to know the state or country where you live, though. Just to make it a little more fun!

If you'd rather not leave a comment, feel free to email me at It is also listed on my left sidebar.

This is going to be fun! Thanks for playing along!



  1. hey lovie. i love your blog. love reading your thoughts and journeying with you in this way!

  2. I often wonder the same thing myself! I read, but don't always comment. Hope you are having a great week!

  3. Hmmm... I think you know I read all of your posts... except those rare ones that I miss... and I think you know where I live :-) I enjoy reading your thoughts... I only wish I had as many wonderful pictures to post!

    I'm glad to be a faithful reader... and I always love to hear the music when I stop by too... even if I have my speakers down low :D

  4. I recently found you through another blog. I'm from the Chicago, IL area. I like reading your posts. They are very honest. They have helped me when I least expected it.

  5. I have been reading your blog for a little while. I too lost a son and that is why I follow you. I found you through another blog, though I cannot recall which one right now. It is comforting to know someone else is going through the same type of thought processes. I am from Arizona and cannot wait for the temp to drop below 100.

  6. Tonya,
    Thanks for giving me the go ahead on the cake... it would be kind of special to celebrate our boys with the same cake... no pressure:) Who knows if I will be able to pull it off:)

    I am so thankful for the friend and sister-in -Christ that I have found in you this past year. God is good to have people to walk our journey with us, especially such a tough one. Thinking of you and sending up prayers for a wonderful day for you friend. I too love the thought of our boys being friends in Heaven... so cute to think if they would have had so much in common like their mommas. Tonya, I still think we have to meet someday... I would love to give you a big hug in person.

  7. Hi my name is Katie, I'm 27 year old Christian. I have been married 3 years to my high school honey, next month is the 10th anniversary of our first date! I live in Seattle, WA. I found your blog through Ebe's who I found via Loved Like the Church, who I found through Banned from Baby Showers haha.

    It's been such a gift in faith and grace to read your blog and thoughts. I really appreciate how honest you are with your feelings and thoughts on God. I also love hearing about your church and pastor, it sounds like a wonderful place to worship. Thank you for sharing yourself through this blog.

  8. Hi I am Julie,
    I have commented before, I am a "follower". I live in Melbourne, Australia. I lost a baby aged 4.5months in Feb '08. Its his 2nd birthday soon.
    I read most posts that you put up. I don't comment very often, I am sorry about that. I usually check blogs at breakfast time, If I comment I will go back and do it in the evening. I dont post as often as you do.
    Feel free to look at my blog. I have posted the emails I sent to update everybody while Thomas was fighting for his life. He lived his whole life in the NICU, in a critical condition.
    Thanks Tonya. I will be back for the next post.

  9. Hi Tonya! I like this idea.

    We've talked lots of times before, over tons of blog comments and a few emails. I think I started following your blog, after you had left us many comments during my time in the hospital and losing our Green Beans. I enjoy keeping up with the happenings of you and your family. I live in Tampa, in case you didn't already know that, and I work in Medical Sales.


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  11. Tonya,

    I'm a 31 year old SAHM from Columbus, Ohio and can't remember how I found your blog . . . your strength is amazing and I love how honest you are with your feelings. I haven't walked in your shoes, but my kids are my world and to think of them not with me would absolutely break my heart.

    I deleted my earlier comment b/c it had lots of typos and I couldn't figure out how to edit it after it was posted:)

  12. Hey you- I think you know me! ;)
    I hope you are well- I'm curious to know how your hair appointment went today.
    Whoa. big news about Buddy- I guess he is loving the freedom, huh?


  13. Hey there! I'm Summer and I'm from Columbus, OH also. I've been reading your blog for a while and I honestly can't remember how I found it. We lost our boys' around the same time I believe and I feel like I've been going through this journey with you. I also blog, but not as often as I would like. Frankly, sometimes it's just too draining. Anyway, I love your blog, your faith, and your playlist! Grady was so beautiful and I'm so sorry he's not with you here today.

  14. I am a pastor's wife from dayton ohio. i have often wondered that same thing! :)

  15. I absolutely LOVE reading your blog, and I am faithful if that means that I read it when I can. (And feeling very inspired when I do).

  16. hey tonya! I read your blog & think of you often. I try to comment every so often so you know m still here:)

    Lets get together before I go back to work....

  17. I found your blog through one of my best friend's blogs (Lauren who lost her 4 little Green Beans). I live in the Tampa area & work as a clinical dietitian.

    I keep you in my thoughts & prayers!