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Friday, September 4, 2009

How Cute Is This?

I have a busy afternoon and not much time to blog today, but I snapped these pictures yesterday and wanted to share them. (Jessica is holding up her belt so Buddy won't chew it)

Buddy is improving, and he does LOVE Jessica. We've only made a few minor changes, but he's better already. Thank goodness because this has to work out with him! Jessica loves him SO much!

And, truth be told, so do I :-)

I'm hoping when we're done with him, he'll be "Super Dog"! (At least in our eyes)

We have a pretty busy holiday weekend ahead. Hope you have some fun things planned with your family and friends.

"See ya" soon!



  1. He is so cute Tonya... so is Jessica. I am praying you have a special weekend. Enjoy the extra day with your hubby and kids. Thinking of you sweet friend:) So glad our paths have crossed.
    With love in our gracious God,

  2. He's SOOOOO CUTE!!!!