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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rainy Saturday

Well, today is a wash.


If you could see how hard it's raining here right now, you wouldn't believe it. The pictures don't do it justice, but here's the view from my front door.

Here's the puddle from the downspout by the garage.

The girls have made a roped-off fort in the living room.

Gib is watching football in the bedroom.

I'm blogging about something easy because my post about "Worry" is too in-depth for me today.

I hurt my foot last night which isn't good news for my breast cancer walk in two weeks. Buddy pooped in the neighbor's yard, and I didn't have a bag to scoop it in. I went in to get a bag and on my way down the drive, my flip flop got caught in the crack of the drive where the cement comes together (kind of hard to explain), and I twisted my ankle. It hurt so bad that I had to sit down for a few minutes and could hardly get up. I limped to the neighbor's yard, scooped the poop and made it back into the house. Meanwhile, I saw the girls from the playroom window just staring at me and my hobbling self. Jessica said she thought it was me, but wasn't sure if I was a kidnapper or not. She's my "safety girl".

You probably aren't interested in seeing my feet today, but I'm going to show you. HA! It's hard to tell, but here's the hurt foot.

Here they are together. Can you see the left one is swollen?

Gib brought me flowers on Wednesday, just because. I love surprises! I was completely surprised to find these beautiful lilies that had opened up yesterday morning.

I love lilies. I have always thought they were beautiful, but they have special meaning to me now. The year before my mom died she begged me to come help her plant some flowers. I really didn't want to because it was hot and the mosquitos were bad. But she really wanted them planted and wasn't physically able to do it herself. I actually enjoyed it. She had such a green thumb which I did NOT inherit! We planted all sorts of lilies. She died the following April and it was such a blessing to see those lilies bloom again.

I'll leave you with a picture of Buddy, except he's with Emma Grace this time. He's getting better and she's getting braver.

Have a great weekend!



  1. Oh wow your foot is so swollen!!! :( I hope it gets better by your walk. I was so loling at the living room fort because it so reminds me of something my little ones would do! Too cute!

  2. Tonya, Beautiful toe nails. It feels good to take joy in the simple things like painted toenails after such a year. And holy cow that is REALLY swollen. I will pray that it heals quickly friend.

    I should have come down your way for a run:) Is it sick that I love the rain now??? Kidding. Tonya I think of you so often... I just wanted you to know. We had Joel's birth mom over tonight with her family... it was so nice to have them here, actually felt good, didn't really hurt with her due date being in 6 days or so. God is doing healing slowly but surely... I am so thankful.
    Many blessings on your Sunday.
    God's peace to you<><

  3. your toe nail polish is adorable! and sorry about the hurt foot. :) hope it feels better for your walk! visiting from lynnette kraft. :)

  4. What a sweet husband you have! I love those flowers.

    Buddy has gotten bigger, hasn't he?
    Hope your foot is feeling better.