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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tidbits from T

~~This is the third post that I've started typing in the last three minutes. I can't decide what I really feel like writing about. The first one was titled Frustrated & Defeated, the second was Mother's Day 2010. I want to share about both but honestly it might take more emotional thought and energy than I have to give today. Some "Tidbits" are suitable I do believe.

~~My fingernails are too long to type well and it's driving me CRAZY! I need to go clip them but I'm too lazy to get up and walk to the bathroom where the clippers live. So, I'll just keep repeatedly hitting backspace until I get it right, probably more than a million times before this post is done.

~~I took the morning off from work to go on a field trip with Emma Grace. There is a local farm where old buildings have been restored and preserved to replicate how things were done in the olden days. The kids learned how to make biscuits, wash clothes on a washboard, saw a blacksmith in action and got to sit in an old schoolhouse much different from what they are used to. It was a fun trip until I had to use the restroom and was pointed to a port-a-potty. Nice when you're hugely pregnant...but better than nothing I must admit.

I had planned to take Emma Grace to lunch when we left but it was a bit too early. We came home to take Buddy out and have a little snack, but she decided she wanted left-over pizza for lunch instead, even though we are having it for dinner tonight at Jessica's softball party. We played a game of Hi Ho Cherry-O, read a book and each got comfy on a sofa. She was fast asleep in no time. I rested, but for some reason I CANNOT sleep during the day. It was nice to rest though, especially after a morning of lots of walking.

~~Jessica's current softball season has ended. We sat through a miserably wet and cold game last night. She pitched again and really enjoys this game. I have a feeling we will be investing some money in pitching lessons and camps this summer. They are having a pizza and pool party tonight, and I'm afraid they are going to freeze their hineys off. We've had a bit of a cool spell here in GA and the weather has definitely NOT been warm enough for swimming.

~~Gib is testing again this week and has been the most stressed that I've seen him in a LONG time. I hate it for him. He's such a hard-worker and a perfectionist when it comes to his job. I've tried to encourage him as much as I can, but I feel like I'm running out of encouraging things to do or say. School can't get out soon enough, that's for sure!!!

~~We've started a new sermon series at church called Staying in Love. This past week was the introduction and it was great. It is easy to fall in love...shoot, I was in love with Shawn Cassidy when I was younger, seriously with a full life-sized poster on my closet door. AHEM. I'll get back to the point here... It's easy to fall in love, but it's not so easy to stay in love. We often think of love as a noun, but the main point of the sermon was making love a verb. It was great, and I'm very much looking forward to the next few weeks. We are talking about it in our small group, too. If you'd like to watch the sermon for yourself, click here. Because I think this will be so good and because marriage can be difficult even in the happiest relationships, I might just post a link to each sermon as we hear them. You can choose whether to listen or not.

~~I still have high hopes to clean out and get organized. I just feel very frustrated and defeated before I even start. I'm still frustrated over my lack of organization with pictures. It's overwhelming to me.


~~I'm so tired of explaining to others about being so big already in this pregnancy. I really want to hide away and not talk to anyone about being pregnant. I literally got laughed at by someone at the grocery store the other night...she didn't mean to hurt my feelings but did a little bit...I probably did look pretty funny, considering I was hobbling terribly and in severe pain from my leg and tailbone, leaning onto the grocery cart for support. It didn't help that this happened not long after the manager of the store literally said to me, "You're huge!"



I will be 24 weeks tomorrow. My first group b strep and fetal fibernectin tests came back negative which puts my mind at ease. A little. Dr. Joe tested me early for these with Grady since I was positive for group b strep upon admission with Emma Grace after my water broke. He will test me every two weeks, just to be sure.

~~I've had the chance to talk about Grady a lot the last couple of weeks, which has been nice. I haven't brought him up...he has just sort of "come up" in conversation, usually after being questioned about this pregnancy. I try not to go into a lot of detail, but when people probe me, I'm gonna talk about my Baby Grady! I am committed to not denying him.

~~Mother's Day was nice this year. As nice as it can be for me without my mom and Grady here. I have two beautiful girls that I celebrated with, and I'm so thankful for them and love them SOOOO much! I'll post about it soon.

~~I have nothing on my calendar for tomorrow. If I'm not able to go see my sweet friend Ebe who just had a baby, I'm gonna try to get some things done around my house. I always start off with good intentions that seem to go awry. I have several phone calls to return and emails to catch up on. I'm forever behind...

~~And one last thing...have any of you turned your blog into a book? I'm interested in doing this each year. I'm anxious to get it done for 2009, but I have no idea what to expect or how expensive it will be. Any thoughts or insight you can share??? And what about backing up your blog? Do you do this regularly and if so, how???

I can't think of too much more to bore you with today...



  1. not boring at all... i rather enjoy catching up with what's going on with you.

    whew... i amen the school can't get out any sooner sentence... whew!!!!

  2. Hey Tonya, It was so nice to hear what you have been up to... Wow, 24 weeks... that is crazy... Praise God for His work in your life in the last 24 weeks. Tonya, I am sure you look absolutely beautiful. Sometimes people just don't think... I tell you, it is shocking sometimes what people say:)

    Hey can you let me know what you find out about turning your blog into a book... I was wondering the same thing.

    Made it up to Wisconsin safe and sound. My parents just told me that they rented a house in Florida again next year... my first thought was if I go again I could see you and the baby boy on my way home:) Who knows??? Praying in Earnest for you!
    Love you friend!

  3. Hi!! I turned my first blog into a book using blog2print. IT IS GREAT! I thought the price was reasonable-140 for 350 pages (my blog ws LONG) and hardcover. Great quality too. I'd love to share it with you sometime if you are interested-just email me :) Also the process is so so simple. You literally type in your blog address and it converts your blog to a book in a few minutes. No formatting or anything like that. (and no, I don't work for the company lol)