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Monday, May 17, 2010


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*I did NOT just finish off a second (rather large) bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal for breakfast. I make much better choices for breakfast. And I do NOT feel overly-stuffed and miserable as I type this morning...

*I did NOT get extremely angry last night in the deli department at the grocery store. And I most certainly did NOT ask to see the manager at customer service because I was so mad. I'm much more docile than that and just let things roll off my back...

*I did NOT get extremely anxious at Target yesterday when Gib and Jessica started looking at strollers and car seats for Dumplin'. I did NOT want to turn and run the other way. And I did NOT firmly proclaim that if we buy one before he is born, we will absolutely keep it in the box and save the receipt until after he is here...

*I did NOT break down and buy a maternity support belt this past week. I did NOT dread going into the maternity store, and once I was there, I definitely did NOT want to turn right around and leave. I did NOT get disgusted at myself trying on maternity swimsuits and it did NOT put me in a foul mood the rest of the day. I also did NOT snap at the cashier when I told her why I didn't want to be on the mailing lists. I did NOT feel terribly guilty and did NOT then start asking her about her current pregnancy.

*I did NOT make time the last two weeks (when the girls were not around) to catch up on the eight episodes of Grey's Anatomy that I had DVR'd. I do NOT watch that type of smut on television. And I definitely did NOT cry at something in every. single. episode. NOT ME!

*I did NOT rest on Friday afternoon and did NOT fall asleep! (I never usually sleep during the day) I did NOT tell both girls to play or read quietly in their rooms. When I woke up, Jessica did NOT come in to my room and tell me that I needed to come see what they (she and Emma Grace) had done. To my very surprised eyes, I did NOT sleep through them rearranging Jessica's room...the two of them did NOT move Jessica's full-size, solid wood, sleigh bed from one wall to another...and her reading chair...and her nightstand...and her lamp. My children would never disobey me like that. Under those circumstances, I was NOT proud of them and NOT thankful that they didn't hurt themselves!

*I do NOT plan to get an ICEE after I get my hair done later this morning! I have NOT been craving them, and I did NOT stop someone with an ICEE cup the other day to ask them where in the world they got one around here. I do NOT have fond memories of getting one every time I would go to Kmart with my parents as a child. My taste buds are NOT in overdrive just thinking about it!

*I did NOT just about knock over a woman walking up the aisle leaving church yesterday. My balance is great, and I would NEVER bump into someone so hard that it would make them lose their balance. Fortunately there were chairs for her to catch herself on...I was NOT embarrassed at all!!!

*Speaking of church, I did NOT question if we were really in church yesterday. After our praise and worship band rocked out (literally), we did NOT have a spunky young woman sing Jordin Sparks' song called Battlefield. Her performance did NOT bring down the house when she was finished, and it did NOT set the mood for our sermon on marriage yesterday. Our church is NOT cool that way!

*I was NOT proud of my girls while shopping yesterday. Jessica desperately needed some shorts and shirts that fit her, and of course I had to buy Emma Grace at least one outfit. They started looking at bathing suits but we already had enough items to take all of our clothes budget for this month. They did NOT surprise me and happily oblige when I told them we had to wait for swimsuits until after Daddy gets paid the end of this month and our clothes budget gets more money. My heart did NOT beam with delight that they are learning the importance of spending only what we have and being content with that.


Thanks for reading all of my NOT ME's. Hope you have a wonderful day!



  1. Sounds like you did not have a full day yesterday! And, when Sid told me J and EG had rearranged J's room, I couldn't believe my ears. I have seen that bed! How in the world did those two move it??

    Hope you have a great hair appt. Enjoy the ICEE!

  2. icee's from that brings back some memories!

  3. Love you Tonya... too funny. Thinking of you so much and continueing to pray for you and Dumplin... every day!

  4. Tonya, I love your honesty and openness in your NOT ME Mondays. I LOVE icees from K-mart too...such fond memories. I am going to have to have one now..the search is on :)