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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

She Works Hard For Her "Muddy"

So, I've told you how my girls love to play outside. But, they don't just play outside. They play hard and get dirty! Especially Emma Grace!

They love to do your typical fun things like ride bikes and scooters, draw with sidewalk chalk, play with bubbles, etc. Jessica loves to roller blade, and Emma Grace wishes she had some too. Heaven help us all when she does get some!

But I'm afraid gone are the days of my "girlie-girls". They both used to love to wear dresses and bows. Emma Grace will still occasionally wear a bow, but Jessica wouldn't touch one with a ten-foot pole. And I honestly can't blame her at ten, almost eleven, years old.

However, this is not what I ever envisioned from my youngest little girl. Literally covered in mud, with the request, "Mommy, I need to come in and wash my hands". Um, no honey, you have to take a shower!


And her!

And I love her older sister whom I didn't take pictures of on this particular beautiful March day because she didn't have visible mud everywhere...

These were her pants after another such day of hard play...

(Sorry, Buddy was feeling photogenic and wouldn't move!)

And today, she's not quite as dirty...

But...she works hard for her "muddy"!

*And as a side note, even after her shower, one of her hands was still orange from all the mud!*


  1. I love your girls Tonya... I saved Jessica's story that she wrote about us coming to visit. I just thought it was so precious, sweet, and funny too. You are blessed with 2 beautiful girls, 1 special very loved Grady with Jesus, and a loved little pumpkin on the way... I can't wait to meet him.

    Praying for you sweet friend... by the way... my hubby said yes on the issue we were to talk about... can you believe it?:) Just thought I would let you know. I will keep you posted...

    Oh, another big thing, just yesterday I heard from the agency director and the appeal for the other people was denied... this is really good news for us... It still may be a long road, but at least we know a 3-4 mos possible wait on this issue was avoided. Praise God... I just cried when I held her after I heard... will she really be ours when this is all said and done??? I can't imagine the burden will be lifted when we really know.

    I love you Tonya... thanks for walking all these journeys with me:) You are the best... can't wait to see another picture of you and dumplin':)

  2. A-ha! No wonder EG needed a shower before the game tonight! It's all starting to make sense now...!

    ((hugs)) Nicole

  3. Cute. I forgot about the Georgia red mud. :)

  4. Ha ha, at least they are having lots of fun ;).

    Thanks for your prayers over the past weeks, they were appreciated!