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Monday, March 15, 2010


Today is a great day for me to join in on NOT ME! MONDAY from MckMama's blog. I've only done this once before. But I've NOT been up to much lately and there's NOT much to share.


I did not get Jessica's one and only pair of jeans out of the bottom of her dirty clothes basket and fluff them in the dryer yesterday morning for church. I keep up with my laundry much better than that, and we never wear things more than once. Nope, not us!

I did not kindly ask make my sweet husband blow up 58 balloons for a game we played at Emma Grace's birthday party yesterday. I would never ask someone to blow so much hot air at once! Especially not someone whom I love so much! Not me!

I did not use regular snap-n-seal bags and write names on them for the girls' candy from the party yesterday. I have waaay more class than that. I would definitely remember to buy cute cello bags for such an occasion.

I most certainly did not feed my family bean dip with chips for dinner Saturday night. Nope. We eat much healthier meals than that, complete with a serving from each food group.

I did not crack some eggs that I needed to make cupcakes for Emma Grace's class tomorrow when I rushed by the store to get them on my way to pick her up from school. I did not have the bag on my wrist when I jerked open the door to get in. Nope. I'm much more careful than that!

I did not waste the only day on my calendar that had not one thing written on it. Nope. I would be much more productive with my time and not waste the morning away by catching up on Grey's Anatomy episodes. Not me!

I did not trade in the gentle leader I bought for Buddy for a prong collar yesterday. I would never think of using anything like that on my sweet puppy who loves to greet people and walk nicely pull me around the neighborhood and give me whiplash (and pull Jessica straight down on her knees). Nope. Not me!

Those are just a few thing I have NOT been up to lately! I'm sure there are more...I just can't remember them right now!



  1. We had bean dip and chips for lunch on Saturday! And I took it to church potluck yesterday too!!! AND I'm even going to post my recipe this week... that's how my cooking has been this weekend :-)

  2. It was so nice talking the other day... Thank you, thank you for being available to me. It was cute reading what you haven't been up to lately:) sending love and prayers Tonya:)

  3. Haha!! I did not crack up when I read this post. And I am not shamelessly stealing the idea for a future post on my own blog.