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Thursday, November 12, 2009

One Year Ago - November 12, 2008

This beautiful baby boy was born on this day, one year ago, at 6:14pm.

His name is Grady Thomas. He weighed 6 pounds, 11 ounces and was 20 1/2 inches long.

I'm sure his eyes were blue. He had a sweet little nose. A dimpled upper lip and chin. (I just know he would have had Emma Grace's dimples!) Chubby cheeks. Perfect ears. The most beautiful, perfect rosey-red lips. A head full of dark hair. Skin as soft as silk. Long fingers. Big feet. Cute toes.

Scrumptious from top to bottom. Head to toe.

I kissed him. I cuddled him. I held him. I stroked his soft hair. I played with his fingers. I looked at his toes.

The time was too short. But at least I have memories that will hopefully last me a lifetime.

They have to be enough...

So here's my boy again, on this his first birthday. I'm including some pictures that I've never shared before. Untouched. Unedited.

The red mark on his forehead was a pressure point and the bruise on his cheek was caused from pressure also.

He's still beautiful to me!


I'll post more tomorrow.



  1. Beautiful!

    Those marks aren't from pressure~they are Angle Kisses!

    Happy Birthday Grady~We love you!

  2. Most definitely beautiful.

    Happy Birthday Grady... I hope you are having an awesome birthday in Heaven.

    Hugs to you and your family.

  3. is late and I can't type...what I meant to say was ANGEL KISSES!!!

  4. What a precious baby boy! I am glad you shared the new photos.

  5. Tonya,
    Seriously, he is downright adorable. I loved seeing the new pictures. Thank you for sharing. I can't help but wonder what he looks like now, the same or different??? Praying that you feel the Lord close to you. Praising God for the beautiful gift of Grady to you. I know it still causes pain, but the Lord chose you to be Grady's precious mama... and you did it so well. Sending hugs!

  6. So sweet! I used to be afraid of showing pictures of Felicity that were in color and not edited. But then I found myself needing to look at those pictures more than the others, because that's the baby I remembered holding for a short time. They became the most beautiful pictures in the world. I'm glad the nurses took them for us. I also think it's good for others who've never seen a stillborn baby to know how they look different and why. I still remember months after Felicity died, finding out why her lips and face were so rosy. No one told me!

    Grady is beautiful!

  7. Absolutely beautiful... just like I remembered. I love you.

  8. A Precious Baby Boy. Happy Birthday Grady!
    Thinking of you all.
    The Balkcom Family

  9. I've been praying for you. Thanks for sharing the pics. May the Lord continue to use Grady and your testimony for His honor and glory. Some sweet day soon you will get to hold Grady FOREVER AND EVER.

    Love and prayers,

  10. Such a beautiful little baby boy...I know baby Grady and my little Alethia are enjoying the presence of Jesus together.