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Monday, October 19, 2009

Too Tired

Well friends, I have so much to say, but I'm honestly too tired. I almost fell asleep while Jessica was reading to me. I pulled my *freezing* self out of her warm bed to come rinse the dinner dishes because I'm just too tired to unload the dishwasher. I know it only takes on average four minutes, but they'll just have to wait. I hate it because I feel like I start my day already behind to walk into a kitchen with dirty, leftover dishes first thing in the morning. But so-be-it.

I came to check my email one last time and to catch up on some blog reading. I wasn't going to blog at all, but it's been a few days, and I don't like to go much longer than that without something. Honestly, I'm just trying to pass a little more time to give Buddy's bladder some more time to accumulate a little more pee before taking him out for the last time.

How's that for too much information???

I promise I will post pictures of the Walk to Remember in honor of Grady very soon. It was a beautiful day. Chilly and windy, but sunny and beautiful.

The weather has suddenly turned cold here. Nostalgia is setting in. Things are so different from this time last year. My then very-pregnant-self welcomed this colder air. Not this year. That's a post in-and-of itself.

I'm keeping it short tonight. Off to take Buddy out and to bed. Gib's clock goes off at 4am every morning, and I don't really go back to sleep after that. I feel a hundred years old going to bed so early. I used to be such a night owl. Not anymore. You gotta do whatcha gotta do!



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  1. I so relate to the change in the weather and all of the feelings that has brought with it this year. So hard. Tonya, I am praying for you daily as we move towards our boys heavenly birthdays. Sending love to you friend. It was great hearing from you, even if you are just killing time waiting for Buddy:) I love it, never too much info for me:) Blessings on your Tuesday!