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Friday, May 8, 2009

Quick Update - Jessica's Trip

She made it home! She had a great time! She's exhausted!

She got back around 2:15pm today and fell asleep with me on the sofa around 4:45pm. I tried to keep her awake but she just couldn't do it. It is now 9:50pm, Gib moved her to her bed around 6:30pm, and she's still sleeping! I've never before seen her as tired as she was. With my luck, she'll probably wake up right as I'm going to bed. My bet, if that happens, is that she won't be able to go back to sleep!

She told me a little about her trip, but I was holding out to really talk about it at dinner tonight so everyone could hear. Well, we had dinner without her, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to hear more details. What I know so far is that she put "marsh mud" on her face, which I later found out was crab poop - YUCK! (They apparently told the kids what it was AFTER they had it on them!) She held a snake - YIKES! She went to and into the ocean, collected shells, and took a tour of Savannah (the trip was actually to Tybee Island, GA). I know there was more, but that's what I'm waiting to hear about...

My wonderful friend, Jada, who took such sweet care of her (Thank You!!), has some pictures she is going to email me. I'll post them when I get them. I was worried about night time but she did GREAT! Praise God! She called me each night before she went to bed, and she slept with her lovies (those are 2 stuffed animals and a blanket of her baby brother's) and a picture of us as a family.

One quick, funny story... She called me from a friend's cell phone about 11:20 Wednesday morning on her way down. She didn't call to tell me she was there or that she missed me. NOPE. She called to tell me how bad she had to pee! Go figure! Someone had locked the door to the bathroom on the bus but no one was in it and they couldn't get it unlocked. I'm not sure what she thought would be accomplished by calling me because I obviously couldn't help her! It made for a great laugh, though! By the way, she was able to hold it because they were only about 10 miles from their destination.


I'm meeting Ebe and a new "angel mommy friend" in the morning. Gib has prom for his school tomorrow night. Not sure what else we'll do besides go to church Sunday morning. I plan to post again before then. If not before, I'll definitely post on Sunday. I have some thoughts to share about Mother's Day...

Hope you have a great weekend with your families!


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