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Friday, March 13, 2009

Jessica's Persuasive Paper

Jessica and Emma Grace have always been afraid of dogs. Fortunately, they have never been chased or bitten. We have always been puzzled as to where this fear came from. Jessica has gotten better, but Emma Grace is still very afraid. She’s not just afraid of dogs. She’s afraid of anything with fur and four legs that can move faster than her.

Jessica has been begging us for a dog. I don’t think she really cares what kind of dog. She just wants a dog.

Emma Grace puts on a brave smile, but her fear shines through. She’s still not so sure...

I’ve been hesitant to get a dog because I feel that I’ll be the one who assumes most of the responsibility. I also don’t want my house to smell like a dog lives here. I can’t stand that!

Gib is the one who has been adamantly against a dog. I’m not really sure why. We had a wonderful dog named Thumper. She unfortunately got hit and killed by a car, but he loved that dog! She was a cocker/lab mix – the size of a cocker with lab fur. Black with white markings. Beautiful!

Jessica decided to write a persuasive paper last night to me and her daddy as to why we should get a dog. I want to share it with you – exactly the way she wrote it.

“Dear Mom and Dad,
Roff, Roff in case you don’t know the sound of that. That is the sound of a dog barking. They are as cute and cuddley as you guys are.
Here are some responsibilates that I would do to get a dog (cute). I would brush it’s fur when it needed it. I would feed it in the morning and night. Here is another responsibility I would walk it. And how could you let a little cute face turn you down. We would start picking up our toys more. This dog (cutey) would be as cute as Thumper.
Chig-Chig [supposed to be cha-ching for $$], I know that fences cost a lot but what if we put our heads together you will see that it won’t cost a lot. We will put all of our money in for a fence. Don’t worry I will pay for the fence too. I would stop playing in the woods. When we get a fence. Put it this way we would be safer if we got a fence.”

This is where she stopped. She said she needed one more paragraph but couldn’t come up with one. How cute is this? I’m not sure where she thinks the money is going to magically come from for a fence or a dog, but she is so hopeful. After she read her paper to us, she added, “And we need to get a dog while I’m young so I can enjoy it”.

I have tried to tell her that if we get a dog, we need to wait until after our summer vacation, if we get to take one. We are hoping to get enough from our tax return to take a relaxing trip to the beach this summer. Lord knows we need it! I would hate to get a dog and have to board him/her soon after.

We saw a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Tuesday night at the baseball field at Gib’s school. I loved her little face! And they don't get very big! I’m scared to research and see how much they cost! I tried to put a link to a picture but it didn't work. You'll just have to google this kind of dog if you want to see for yourself.

I’ve also always wanted a Golden Retriever. We all know what they look like.

I’ll keep you posted on what happens with this hot family topic!

Here are a couple of pictures that I took recently of Jessica relaxing before bed in her reading chair - I just love her!


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  1. Ooooh, a doggie! How exciting! We'll just live vicariously through your family if you do. I bet the girls would just be ecstatic!