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Monday, March 23, 2009

Blindfolding My Children

Well friends, I'm very tired tonight but wanted to say a quick hello. Things are going well here. I haven't quite caught up from my trip and this week seems like it's getting away from me already...and it's only Monday!

I wanted to share a funny thing I did with my children last night. I don't know what made me do this, but it was great! I got my point across....

I get an organic produce box every other Monday. We never know what we're going to get in the box, and it's awfully fun to be creative with what you have. My friend, Amy Ellen, has helped me with this task. She's the one who introduced me to the box in the first place - thank you my friend!

In reading her blog, she made a quiche with some of her produce. Me, being the copy-cat that I am, followed suit. I tweaked her recipe just a little but it was delicious! It had kale, mushrooms, and onions, but instead of the parmesan cheese, I used marble cheddar. (I have not liked parmesan cheese since I was pregnant with Grady but loved it before - strange!)

Aanywhoo, I knew once my girls saw all of that green in the quiche they were going to have no part of it. They do pretty good with greens. They will both tear up a salad and love steamed broccoli, but other greens (except for green beans) they're not so sure about. I was frantically brainstorming how I was going to get them to eat this because I knew it was going to be yummy! Then it came to me....

Blindfold them!

So I did!

They were excited about our new "game". Gib brought in two of his t-shirts and wrapped them around their heads. We made them take a bite and both of them said, "Oooh, this is good!" Once Jessica saw all the green, she wasn't so sure anymore. Go figure! But she still ate most of her serving. However, Emma Grace didn't miss a beat! She tore that quiche up, had seconds, and asked for it again for dinner tonight. She was out of luck. Gib took the leftovers for lunch today, but I promised her I'd make another one later in the week.

I think I'll start blindfolding them more often just to introduce a new food/dish, at least those that I think they would like but don't like the looks. I want them to learn that looks don't always dictate taste. If this is how I'm going to have success, by blindfolding them, then so be it!

One more thing, if you feel so led, please pray for Baby Stellan.
This is a baby who was not supposed to survive outside the womb but he was born a perfectly healthy baby. He became very ill over the weekend and he's in the hospital with serious heart problems. His momma, known as MckMama, is one of the most famous bloggers of all time. Prayer is exactly what they need right now. Thanks in advance!



  1. Love it! I am in awe of your creativity!

    Will be praying for MckMama's baby... Thanks for posting that too.

  2. What a great idea! I need to try that with Alex since he's such an incredibly picky eater!