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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A White Christmas

Yes! We had a white Christmas here in Georgia. I heard in passing that it was the first in 130 years. It started flurrying right as the sun was setting, but the heavy snowfall didn't start until after dark. We ended up getting about three inches where we live.

The girls were beside themselves with excitement. They were in and out on Christmas night. They were not dressed appropriately, but they didn't care. They were just excited to see the white stuff falling.

Gib took Matthew out as the snow started to fall. We all agreed that Grady sent the snow here from heaven for Matthew's first Christmas. *WINK...SMILE*

The snow was beautiful the next day. I didn't get many pictures this time because I was inside with Matthew. Plus, our camera is being very temperamental and is almost dead, making it difficult to take pictures easily. I'm just thankful I was able to get the ones I did. And I really should learn how to use Photoshop to enhance some of these. Oh well.

Having lived in Georgia all of our lives, we've never had a White Christmas. It was special for all of us!

And I have to post this because I think it's so cute. Here are the girls with their BFF, Sidney, from next door warming their frozen toes by the fire.



  1. That's so great that Matthew's first Christmas was a white one! How special!

  2. Well...that was a neat little surprise fr all of you! I'm happy that you had a white Christmas!

    Cute pictures Tonya!

    Luv ya,
    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  3. I had to laugh... was Jessica wearing the jacket I saw you in last Jan. when you were out with Buddy when the kids and I drove up??? The 80's jacket as you refered to it:) (Honestly I couldn't tell... I was just so excited to finally meet you in person:)

    How awesome to have a White Christmas... what a special gift... Everytime I see a picture of Matthew... I admire those cheeks... so precious. Miss you friend!

  4. It was an awesome Christmas with the snow on the ground.I imagene that Grady will make it snow again sometime in 2011.

    Luv you very much,

  5. Sweet Grady sent the snow! I love that!! And your photos were great. (Sorry to hear about the failing camera. Ugh. We have a second one, if yours blows up and you need one to get you through until you purchase a new one :D) Thanks for including the pic with Sidney -- the girls looked so cute warming their toes!


  7. I LOVE the pictures of Matthew in the snow!! I think they're great!

    I'm so glad you guys enjoyed the snow and it looks like the girls had a blast!