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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

They Missed It Again!

It seems the CDC missed the correct strain of flu virus again in this year's flu vaccine. It's a three-in-one this year, including H1N1. But the strain that's covering up our small town is not one of those three. And neither is the strain Emma Grace came in contact with.

Yep. She has the flu.


I took her to the doctor yesterday afternoon. I almost cancelled her appointment because she was acting fine and her fever was down. Even after her Motrin had worn off. (It spiked back to 101 last night) But, I decided to take her anyway. Gib had made the effort to come home early so I didn't have to take Jess and Matthew. And honestly, I thought she might have strep. Her throat looked a little suspicious and it came on quickly like strep often does.

I have to hand it to my pediatrician's nurse, though. I gave her the history, and she asked to see Emma Grace's eyes. She then said she was going to swab her for flu. Dr. E walked in, and I told him that I almost cancelled her appointment. He said, "Well I'm glad you didn't because she has the flu".

Unbelievable! She has had a fever but that's it. Never would I have guessed it. Anyway, he prescribed her Tamiflu and said she should have a mild case between the flu shot and medicine. He was NOT thrilled to hear that Emma Grace had been around Matthew A LOT earlier in the day that her fever showed up. I'm praying SOOO hard that he doesn't get it. I'm loading up on my Vitamin C tablets and have added some garlic tablets, too. That's about all I can do. And pray.

Did I mention that I'm praying Matthew doesn't get the flu?

I'm a little concerned because he is still sleeping this morning. He almost always wakes up at 6am. He stirred but went back to sleep, without his paci. Since I didn't have to drive Emma Grace to school, I decided to let him sleep. But I never thought he would sleep this late. I'm going to check on him again as soon as I finish this post.

Hopefully one of our saving graces with the rest of us staying well is that Emma Grace isn't coughing and sneezing all over the place. We are washing our hands like crazy (mine are raw, cracked and bleeding but it's worth it!) and being very careful.

I have nothing else exciting to post today. Oh, except for the fact that coming home from the doctor yesterday we came upon a bad accident. No emergency vehicles were on the scene yet. We were about 10 cars behind where it happened, and I could only see one car to begin with. But as cars started turning around, I saw another van that had hit a tree. The thought crossed my mind to get out and help, but I didn't want to leave Emma Grace alone in the car, and I could hear sirens on the way. Gib asked me if I got out to help or not. It has been so long since I've done anything truly medical, the thought scares me. (Although part of me misses it!) Emma Grace and I prayed for those involved for it didn't look good at all. The two lane road was completely blocked with 5 ambulances, three firetrucks and multiple police cars. I didn't mind at all that it took us forever to get home. I was just thanking God that we weren't involved and still praying for those involved and their families. Reality always kicks in with me when we are so close to an accident scene. If we had left the doctor's office sooner or had not gotten stopped by a long traffic light, it easily could have been us.

I have a post about expectations that I'm hoping to get up soon. I've been pondering it for quite a while. Oh, and they did cancel the field trip to the Christmas Tree Farm today. Not that it matters for us!

Have a great day!

***Matthew is up and seems to be fine so far***



  1. I am so sorry to hear about the flu!!! I pray Matthew doesn't get it either!

    Other thoughts to boost immunity... Probiotics, Elderberry, Oregano Oil....

    And, do you want to borrow my air filter??? I know it's ugly, but it kills airborne microbes.

    :-) ae

  2. I hope Matthew continues to stay well!!! :)

  3. Oh no the flu! I hope that it doesn't get more of your family members.

  4. I'm shocked that a fever=the flu! It scares me a little because C & M have both been home with only those symptoms! I'll keep an eye on it and pray that Matthew and the rest of you avoid the flu! Hang in there :)