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Monday, December 6, 2010


Whew, what a day! Is it bedtime yet? Almost, and I'm ready!

So we went to the neurologist today. His name is Dr. S. I sure was glad to have the heads up about his bedside manner. I was NOT initially impressed at all. However, he somewhat redeemed himself toward the end of our appointment.

As for Matthew's diagnosis and prognosis, we left with the best possible news we could, all things considered. Basically, the brain bleed that Matthew had at birth has caused a "hole" or "cavity" to form in the area of brain tissue that was damaged. I wish I could draw it for you. Dr. S was able to pull up the actual image on his computer, and the area looked huge to me. My heart sank when I saw it. But, he categorized it as a small to medium area and went on to say, "we'll call it small for your anxiety level". I called back to get the actual measurements because I just want to know.

Basically, he said we need to think of Matthew as "a normal baby with mild cerebral palsy". I sure didn't want that diagnosis, but it could be MUCH worse. We went in to this appointment knowing things were not perfect, so we didn't expect to hear that he was fine. He assessed Matthew and said we needed to start some physical therapy for his right arm/hand. It really is too early for us to tell much because Matthew hasn't reached the age of many physical developmental milestones yet. Dr. S did say that intellectually, Matthew should be fine.

Dr. S said that Matthew has some extra fluid in his head, but that "it doesn't excite" him. He seemed to think it would go away. As long as his head keeps growing at a normal rate and size, he should be fine.

Dr. S said this is not something that will get worse. It is the way it is to stay. I was glad to hear that! I was worried that the area would grow, and we might start seeing more symptoms/side effects. He was encouraging that the stem cells in Matthew's brain could possibly compensate for the damaged area. He said he couldn't promise that Matthew would "grow up and text with his right hand", but only time will tell. He told me to think positive and even cracked a smile a couple of times. If I'm not mistaken, he even chuckled once.

Matthew will most likely have to have another MRI in the future, but Dr. S said it might not be until a year from now. We will go back to see him in a month and in the mean time, start physical therapy.

Our pastor and some elders of the church prayed over Matthew yesterday after the service. It was really special how it all came about. I'm too tired for details, but the prayer was awesome, and I really felt at peace.

Thank you SO much for your prayers for our sweet boy! I will keep you posted. And, by the way, I can already see much improvement with Matthew's right arm/hand with the things I've been doing with him. He is bringing his right fist to his mouth without help and several times today, he opened his right hand, also without help. I truly am encouraged with God's healing hand and physical therapy, that Matthew WILL be able to text with his right hand when he gets older. If not, it's okay...everything will probably be voice commands by then anyway! HA!



  1. YAY! So happy to read a positive "report"! :)

    Continuing to pray! :)

  2. It is very good news to hear that he is fine. I know that is a huge relief.

  3. Tonya, It was sooooo good talking to you last night... I thank God there are people who "get" where I am at these days! I have been checking all day:) I am glad that the appt. went well. I am so very thankful that you got great answers to the questions of if it could get worse... praise God for that.

    We will continue to pray for little Matthew that those stem cells can regenerate and heal up what is there now:) And that the Lord's will is done in His precious life. Praying for your heart for continued peace from our gracious God!

    Love you Tonya!

  4. Tonya, I can hear a smile in your words. You are an amazing woman with such trust and faith in God. I am truly blessed to call you friend. Thanking God for the gift of precious Matthew today! Love you.

  5. so grateful for HOPE. love you.

  6. I called you today and left a message, rambled on and on and got cut off by your machine. oops.. :)

    I'm so thankful to God that he chose to make this better than we hoped. And there is so much hope for the future.
    Give Matthew a kiss from us.

    love you,

  7. Oh I am glad for the hope I hear, (read) here. God is good! And I am so happy that it wasn't terrible news. It sounds like everything will be fine, and I am so happy for you all.

    Praising God for answered prayers!

    Love, Linda