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Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine Cutie

I've always loved having girls for Valentine's Day. I love dressing them up and taking pictures of them. Jessica is getting too big to dress up with cute bows and such (I disagree, but I'm trying to respect her choices). She's still my cutie, too, but Emma Grace will pose in a second. She's such a ham for the camera. She loves to wear comfy clothes (doesn't enjoy being so fru fru anymore), but still appeases me with the bow. I took a few pictures of her today. Thought I'd share some of them with you too.

She had her party at school this morning. Here she is waiting patiently for the yummy treat...

Here's the yummy treat that she waited for, decorated and enjoyed SO much. It was a heart chocolate chip cookie (YUM, my fave!), decorated with pink and white icing and M&Ms.....

After loading up on sugar and exchanging Valentine's with her friends, we went to the playground to enjoy the beautiful weather. Her favorite thing to do is swing. I think she would swing all day if she could.

Now you see me......

Now you see my feet!

We hardly ever have our picture made together, so I seized another adult hand and captured this moment.....

We had a wonderful day, but now, we are reaping the consequences of all that sugar. She is literally in the floor crying because she wants to wrap up construction paper for her sister for Valentine's Day. Problem is, I don't have anymore wrapping paper. Here's a clip of the drama.....

******Quickly, before I go scoop her up, an update on Gib. His heart is fine! Praise God! There was no blockage and the apparent decrease in blood flow during exercise is just "normal" for him. This is exactly the news we were hoping for. He is doing well and went to work today. Thanks for your prayers!


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  1. I love the pictures - even the one of her break-down! Hope your Valentine's day was as special as you are!