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Monday, February 16, 2009

Cooking Class

Well, I have so much that I want to write, but a lot of it is "heavy" and detailed. I'm just not in a "heavy" mood tonight, so I'm going to tell you about the cooking class that took place at my house today.

It started yesterday afternoon, when Jessica asked if her friend SD could spend the night. The kids are out of school for a mid-winter break, so there was no reason not to have a sleep-over. Emma Grace thinks she's just as big as Jessica and SD. She thinks SD is her best friend, too. They get along and play so well together!

We had a relaxing morning with chocolate chip pancakes and bacon for breakfast and some crazy dancing afterward. They curled up in their sleeping bags to watch a movie and after lunch, moved on to bigger and better things - Cooking Class!

The next thing I know, all three girls are in the kitchen taking spices out of the cabinet, bowls and spoons are everywhere. I'm asked by Emma Grace if I would like a salad. Of course I said "Yes". This is what I'm presented with.....

The big girls then asked if I wanted the main course they had prepared. I couldn't turn that down either. After much work with the tongs, and potatoes in and out and back in the dish again, here it is, sweet potato and potato casserole, with some added ingredients for extra flavor.......

Meet my two stars from the cooking class (I don't have permission from SD's mom to put her picture on here - I forgot to ask!).........

I really love these days when the kids can create and do whatever they want, within reason of course! We're trying to convince Jessica to take a real cooking class to give me a break in the kitchen (which I would love)!!!


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