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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Family of Friends

I've wanted to post about my second family for a while. This was a thought before my blog ever came to be.

Have you ever wondered what life would be like without your friends? A friend can be anyone, maybe a spouse, mom, sister, cousin, or simply someone God has placed in our lives with whom we can walk the rocky roads and ride the roller coasters. I have always considered myself not just lucky, but extremely blessed to have the friends that I do.

I have one true life-long friend who is like a sister to me. Her name is Andrea. Our dads were best friends, and we grew up together. Not only do we share memories of childhood (good and bad), we share the exact same birthday only three years apart. The similarities between us are uncanny, almost like we are really sisters. I can share anything with her and know that she will always love me, no matter what!

I am also blessed to still be in touch with friends from preschool, elementary school, high school, college, and all of the churches we've attended (sounds like we've church-hopped all of our lives, but we really haven't). I continue to be blessed with new friends through life experiences, and I'm so thankful. Suzanne, Lori, & Nanci, that includes you!!

I can't talk about friends and not share with you about my group. When we were attending Grace Fellowship, we joined a small group. After the first day of visiting, I thought, "There is no way I can be friends with these people. I have nothing in common with them". Not being one to give up easily, we continued to go. It didn't take long before not only did I like these girls, I loved them!

Jennie invited us to her house for a casual coffee and fellowship time to get to know one another better. I will never forget (and she knows this) walking into her home seeing crumbs on her floor and hot dog in the chair from the dinner that her children had recently finished. I immediately felt at home. It was so nice to see that she was REAL! Not trying to impress, just being herself. That's what I love about each of the girls from my group.

Something amazing happened in that group. We had only been friends, literally for a few weeks, but it felt like we were friends for years. We shared our hearts and went to the deepest part of our souls with one another every Wednesday night (I think our favorite place was around Shana's coffee table with some hot bean dip!). This was a group specifically designed by God, because how often do you meet someone and feel that you can be that open in such a short time. When I was in the hospital on bed rest with Emma Grace, they came to the hospital and brought group to me. That touched my heart beyond belief!

The bond between us "Grace Girls" is indescribable, and I don't expect to ever encounter something like that again. But I'm so fortunate to have had it at least once in this lifetime. So, Mary Beth, Shana, Shannon, Val, Amy, Sunni, Jennie, Wendy, & Danielle, you are my forever heart friends. I love you so much!!! (If I had a scanner, I'd scan our picture. That's on my wish list!)

I was really worried when we moved to this small town that I wouldn't be able to build a strong friendship base like what I've had previously. Boy, was I wrong! The people here have embraced me, loved on me, and taken me in like I never could have imagined.

To all of you who have prayed over me in these dark times, thank you. To those who have brought meals when I couldn't make them myself, thank you. To those who have helped me with my children, thank you. To those who have just called, emailed or sent cards because you love me and want me to know it, thank you. I don't just know you love me, I feel it!

I hope that you are blessed with at least one good, true heart friend. Friendship really isn't about quantity, its about quality. I'm blessed to have both. If you have a special friend that you'd like to talk about, please leave me a comment and share that special someone with us.

I'm not sure who all really reads my blog, but if you are one of those true friends, please know that I love you deeply and thank God for you every day! Song number two on my play list below is for you!!!



  1. i still make that bean dip (and have even started buying the mission chips!) fact, i'm going to go eat some now!


  2. I love your friendship "more than you'll ever know", Tonya! Thanks for the song - it made me happy!