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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tidbits from T

**Emma Grace is home sick today. I had to pick her up early from school on Tuesday because she had such a bad headache. I truly think she gets migraines. They always start in her right temple and end up "in" her right eye, and I can't pinpoint a trigger. She didn't have a fever and nothing else hurt. After some medicine and a three hour nap, she woke up feeling much better. However, when she went to bed that night, the headache was back. I kept her home until 10:00 yesterday morning so I could monitor her and make sure she felt well. She was bouncing off the walls, playing with Buddy and seemed fine. But when she got off the bus yesterday, she said her throat hurt and she had another headache. Last night her fever spiked to 101 and again at 5am. She is still sleeping and we are heading to the doctor. Strep is running rampant through her class at school.


Can it be summer yet! PLEASE?!

**Snow is on the ground again here but fortunately everything is moving as normal.

**Jessica is running track and is absolutely worn out after practice every day. Poor thing came home, had dinner, showered and immediately started on her homework. We were still up at 10:15 last night working on a paper for Social Studies. Normally it wouldn't have been a big deal for her, but for some reason, the teacher decided that each paragraph had to have a compound sentence AND a compound complex sentence. REALLY?! For a Social Studies essay. Whatever. I was NOT happy! She just got the assignment yesterday and the rough draft was due today. Poor girl was so tired that she could hardly write. She will be in bed extra early tonight.

**Matthew continues to melt my heart every day. Jessica pointed out that he smiles with his eyes before his mouth actually forms a smile. Yes, he does. He is absolutely the best baby I've ever seen! I do worry that he sleeps too much, though. I am keeping a sleep journal before I contact the doctor about it, but on Monday he was only awake about 5 hours. He is perfectly happy and seems fine when he is awake, but he can't stay up longer than 1 - 1 1/2 hours at a time. When I lay him down, he goes right to sleep with no fussing. He sleeps 12 hours at night. I'm really not complaining. I just want him to be okay.

He has two white shining teeth on the bottom. He has learned to blow out of his mouth with no bubbles. And, of course, he's still a little chunk. I can't wait to plop him on the scale at the doctor today when I take Emma Grace.

**I'm very frustrated with Kroger. I understand that it's all about marketing, but I hate that they increase the price of items and then stick a yellow "LOW PRICE" sticker next to it. One week an item will be $2.99, the next $3.19, the next $3.55. It really makes me mad!

**I was hoping to take Buddy to the groomer to get all spruced up, but I've had too many extra things hit my budget this month. Gib and I are going to have to suck it up and do it ourselves. I hate to bathe him, but he's overdue for sure.

**I'm trying hard not to be bitter and hurt by a few people in my life. I hate when people don't keep their word. If you say you're going to do something, then do it. I understand that life is busy and things come up. But when it happens over and over again, enough is enough. Don't make promises that you can't keep.

**I'm excited about an upcoming consignment sale in our town. I'm volunteering for a three hour shift so I can shop early. I'm looking for some toys for Matthew and some clothes for that growing boy! We made the official jump to size 3 diapers yesterday. I couldn't squeeze him into size 1-2 any longer. Poor boy. We gave the extras to his girlfriend across the street.

**I went to Sam's yesterday and treated myself to a piece of pizza and a diet coke (mixed with just a taste of cherry coke) all for $3.00. It was a BIG piece of pizza and it was yummy! Truth be told, I could have eaten two! Yes, I am still a pig these days!

**And last but not least, my sweet friend Sara is having a hard time. She is in the hospital on bed rest with a miracle baby who was conceived through embryo adoption. AMAZING! Her fifth baby, Samuel, was stillborn just a few days before our Baby Grady. She is traveling down that scary road of pregnancy after loss, and she had quite a scare with the baby last night. If you feel led, please pray for her peace of mind and the safety of Baby Levi. And pop over and give her some blog-love right here if you want.

That's all for now. Gotta shower and get ready for our trip to the doctor. I am NOT excited about taking Matthew in the sick waiting room. I will find an alternative if at all possible!



  1. That was a random post....and I liked it! (:>) I like to know all about what's going on with my bloggy friend.

    Hope Emma Grace doesn't have strep. And that seemed like a lot of homework for one night for Jessica. Glad she has a helper like you mama!

    Just let Gib bathe the doggy! (wink) You have plenty on your plate sweetie.

    Glad you enjoyed your Pizza...but yesterday on tv Dr.s were saying how bad diet pop is for you. Just drink regular in moderation! (Sorry...I'm being a mom here!) (:>)

    Matthew's new teefies must make him even more adorable! And those smiling eyes.

    Praying for your friend Sara.

    Have a good day!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  2. I agree with Linda- drink regular soda... but I say that because I love the taste of regular soda, especially cherry coke... yum, cherry coke.
    : )

    I'm so sorry that Emma Grace is sick. Your house has had quite the variety of sickliness this winter. I bet you guys are ready for Spring- I'm ready too.
    Man, I constantly feel like we're dodging the germs here- so many kids and coughs and runny noses around. And I HATE it when people tell me that some germs are good for kids. Yeah, I agree with you about kids over 1.5 - 2 years old but not for babies. Babies don't need to get sick!!! Bah.
    Sorry that was my own random tangent.

    I hope everyone gets well and stays well soon.

    I just love your kids. They're so sweet. I miss seeing them, and you too!

    I'm sorry that some things have been frustrating for you lately. I hate that. I'm feeling a bit like that too... my dryer has been broken since Sunday and still no repairman in sight.... *sigh*

    Okay, I'm done rambling now. I love you, friend!

  3. Tonya,
    I just love you friend! All is quiet for now...:)

  4. Bell's is further away but prices are better especially on meats!
    Sorry Emma Grace isn't feeling well, praying it isn't Strep.
    Maybe Matthew is having a major growth spurt and needs a lot of extra sleep!
    Poor Jessica, that sounds like a lot of homework! Hope she gets a break soon.
    I agree, Gib can groom the dog :)
    Can't wait for the consignment sale!