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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day! (and 15th anniversary)

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you! And a special wish to my sweet, wonderful, amazing husband. This is our 21st Valentine's Day together, even though we've only been married 15 years. In years past, we always celebrated this day by going to our favorite Chinese restaurant. In the early 90's, we had a couple of years when we were officially "broken up". But I would hold my breath waiting for the phone to ring to be asked out to dinner. And low and behold, he always came through. Off to Chinese we would "friends". Yeah right...

Since I never got our 15th wedding anniversary pictures up, I decided I would share those today, in honor of my husband and the love we share. (A certain little someone decided to come into the world *early*, not long after our anniversary, which created a bit of chaos in our house, and I honestly forgot!)

In trying to decide where to celebrate, Gib suggested we go back to the place where we spent our wedding night, Chateau Elan. I thought it was a wonderful idea. We happened to mention to our waitress that we were celebrating our anniversary, and she brought us this beautiful plate of chocolate covered strawberries. It was hard to eat them, considering we had already enjoyed a huge dinner buffet and some sweets from the dessert table, but we I managed to put them away. I never turn down chocolate!

Our waitress took our picture in front of the fountain.

Then Gib and I went on a little stroll. We found a garden area with a bench and sat out as long as we could in the heat. This was on July 10th (anniversary July 8th). I was very pregnant with Matthew (actually I was only 32 weeks, but you know I get BIG! And for the record, this was the day that I had the excruciating pain in my uterus that led to me being hospitalized just days later). Hot summer night. Didn't last long!

I attempted to take our picture.

We saw another couple, who was also expecting a baby, and they very kindly took a picture of us.

I am holding in my hands the sweetest love letter EVER! I would love to share it, but it is too special, and I don't want to embarrass him. In it, he listed his top 15 memories/reflections of what he loves most about me. He then went on to say that we need to be married longer "because a list of 15 is nowhere near enough to list the things I love about you". Awww, how sweet! I'm hoping his list will be VERY long one day!!!

So, my sweet Gib, Happy Valentine's Day to you! I love you SO MUCH!



  1. Ok... I could totally be crying... that was just about the sweetest post for Valentines Day... Awwww... I just love that he would still call and you'd go out on those Valentines years that you were "broken up" Just precious... neither one of you could probably deny the love that was still there. Tonya, we are so blessed to have the men we do, who have hung with us through so many ups and downs. What a precious gift from God they are!!

    Wow, I will have to say say you have me beat at 32 weeks with the belly pictures. You looked so precious by the way... normally I get sooooo big, but I think the bedrest has hindered my normal HUGENESS:)

    So thankful for your friendship Tonya... Thanks for the prayers girl... soon, I pray, 33 weeks today:)

    Love you friend!

  2. These pictures are precious. I love seeing you guys so happy. I miss you!

    Happy Valentine's day to you both! And give your little Valentines a hug from me.


  3. Love the photos Tonya!

    I am craving a little chocolate (when am I not) and those strawberries look delightful. What a sweet love story. I love - love letters, it is so great that you have his "love" down on paper so that you can look back and remember. Not that you would ever need reminding;) I recently did a Bible study that suggested we do a "love letter" of sorts to remember all the times God has been faithful, blessed us, and lavished His goodness on us... so that we can look back and remember it when we need a reminder.
    Then again - you blog, and that is a way to go back and remember too. That is one thing that really drew me in about your blog --- your faith always shines through your pain. Thank you for all of your honest blogging, and for being a witness for Christ in everything.
    Blessings on your week... end, I guess :)