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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Park

I absolutely LOVE the small town where we live. I have to admit that it was a HUGE adjustment when we first moved here, and the only thing I liked was the school. But, I have since met so many amazing, awesome friends, and my girls have awesome friends, too. We have settled into a church that we love, which isn't too far from here, and honestly, I would love to stay here until all of our kids graduate from high school.

But one thing that I don't love about this area is the park. My apologies to all of you native "---------ians" (I've never disclosed where we live on my blog, but if you live here, you know what that word is!). I mean absolutely NO disrespect to you or this amazing town we live in. But, coming from Gwinnett County, where the parks are new or newly updated, the park here was quite a shocker.

In fact, Jessica was 6 when we moved here. We were driving around and passed the park. I called it to her attention and her words were, "That's the park?!" Don't get me has swings and slides and the essentials needed to have a good time. But we were very spoiled from our Mountain Park park that we frequented often.

All of that said, when I have the opportunity, I still enjoy taking the girls to the Gwinnett County parks to play. We have only been back to "our" park a couple of times since moving, but there is a great one near Gib's work that the girls enjoy.

Last Saturday, I volunteered at a consignment sale, and Gib had administrative duty at his high school. He took all three kids with him, and I picked them up when I was done. The weather was BEAUTIFUL, so we headed to the park.

I kept Matthew in the Baby B'jorn because he was absolutely exhausted from all the ladies oohing and aahing over him. He was interested in the noise for a bit, but then relaxed very sweetly on my chest. He didn't sleep until we got in the car to come home, but he sure was comfy!

My girls absolutely LOVE these spinning things. I would be sick as a dog, but they hold on for dear life and have me spin them FAST!

They see-sawed.

And went down the slides.

And ran around and just had a blast. Surprisingly, neither one of them got on the swings this trip.

Someone was MOST unhappy when it was time to go. I couldn't help but chuckle when I took this picture. It is SO Emma Grace!


And maybe the next time we go, Matthew can try out the swings.




  1. OK Tonya, you look just beautiful in that picture with Matthew:) You are beaming:) The girls look older than when we saw them last year... man time passes quickly... now only if these last 2 would pass quickly:) Love you!

  2. are such a cutie...and so are your girls! And your little Matthew is a doll...and he is getting so big! Glad you had a nice day and got to go to the park.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  3. Looks like you all had a great time. I agree with you about the park here, our family moved here from John's Creek and those parks are great! Maybe our town will step up and build a big one eventually:) Until then atleast Gwinnett is a good option. Here is to more beautiful days!

    Debbie Waters

  4. We feel the SAME way about the parks or lack thereof! We, too, came from Gwinnett and do miss the closeness of the great parks, activities, and libraries (but Amy has done a fabulous job getting our public library up to speed in the 7 years we've lived here!).

  5. We love the park too!! And you definitely need to get Matthew in a swing. Hannah LOVES swinging!
    You guys are just all too cute!