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Sunday, February 20, 2011


So I don't forget and so I can document the date, our big boy Matthew rolled from his tummy to his back last night! I got it on video, so I guess I need to enlist my tech-savvy husband to make it into something I can put here.

I was getting Matthew ready for a bath last night, and I put him in his crib with just his onesie and a diaper. He was really trying to reach and turn himself to get his paci. I ran to get the video camera. I just felt like he was going to do something big. He was so active and determined.

After trying multiple times and not being able to, Jessica helped him turn from his back to his tummy. Once on his tummy, he started kicking his legs and working hard. Before we knew it, he had worked his way from his tummy to his back! Jessica, Emma Grace and I were all there, so he had lots of cheering to help him celebrate. He was clueless, but we were PROUD! I hope this is a sign of more great things to come!

Maybe I'll get the video up, but I wanted to share for our family memories.

Hope you had a great weekend!



  1. Yay!!! Go Matthew!!!!
    Each new stage is something to celebrate for sure.

    I could picture all of the women in his life standing there cheering him on. (:>)

    Have another red letter day my friend!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  2. Yeah, Matthew! I can't believe that you are getting so big!

  3. So so so so cute! I want to see the video!!!!