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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tidbits from T

*I'm sad that Thanksgiving break is over. Gib and the girls will be heading back to work and school tomorrow. This week flew by!

*We put up our Christmas tree on Thanksgiving night. It is completely decorated, but the other decorations are still in boxes/containers. Someone needs to get busy!

*Gib commented last night about how great the girls have gotten along this week. And they really have. They spent time playing on the computer, reading, playing their electronic gadgets and making their Christmas lists. Yes, plural. For Santa and Mom and Dad. They have enjoyed staying in their pj's most every day, only to change into more pj's after showering. I will miss them tomorrow for sure!

*The girls and I were able to successfully fight off our cold/crud this week. But poor Matthew has succumb to the sneezes and stuffy/runny nose. I hate it for him. Gib and I were up all night (literally) last night with him in the rocking chair. He slept as long as we were holding him, but we didn't sleep much at all. Hopefully it is just a cold and won't turn into anything more. Insurance denied his Synagis vaccine for RSV. Uggh.

*This cold is going to interrupt his good sleeping habits, I'm afraid. He was going to bed at 7-8pm and sleeping until 6-7am. In his own bed! He was just settling into somewhat of a good nap schedule, too. Hopefully, he will get back on track when his stuffiness goes away.

*I was so mad Friday. I started calling the doctor's office at 10am and continuously got a busy signal. Then at noon I got the after hours paging service. I will post the results of Matthew's MRI tomorrow when I get them. They better have them!

*Matthew had his first taste of formula yesterday. I only gave him an ounce with one of his feedings, but he will get another ounce today. I want to slowly introduce him to it. I'm down to four bags of breast milk in the freezer. Sad! I anticipate that he will get anywhere from 3-5 ounces of formula a day.

*I had such a hard time keeping track of what day it was this past week. After Thanksgiving, it really got bad. I thought Thursday was Friday and Friday was Saturday. It doesn't feel like today is Sunday either, probably because we didn't go to church.

*I have more to say but Matthew is crying. Will post again tomorrow.

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