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Monday, November 29, 2010

Results. Seriously?!?!?

This will be short. Spoke with Dr. E. Matthew's brain bleed is gone with just iron deposits left behind which is normal.

What isn't normal is that he now has a porencephalic cyst in the area that was damaged. We will be seeing a pediatric neurologist about this. Of course I looked it up on the internet.

Guess what?

It is extremely rare!


You've got to be kidding me.

Most of the children with this have learning delays, autism, paralysis on part of their body, cerebral palsy, seizures and so forth. This only validates my observation that he uses his left arm/hand more than his right. I've been working with him on it, but we will definitely be starting physical therapy.

The radiologist who read the scan didn't give any specific measurements of the cyst or its exact location. We will have to wait to see the neurologist for this. I have no idea if these things can grow or what.

I know more MRI's will be in our future. And Lord only knows what else.

I know God is in control, and He has a plan for our precious boy. I love Matthew regardless. But I sure wish he could catch a break!

Isn't he just the cutest?!

Will post more later. I'm still processing this, but I'm already praying...


  1. I am so sorry to hear this. Hopefully you can get some answers. I wish your family could catch a break. I will be praying.

  2. Sorry to hear this, but praying for God's hand to heal Matthew!

  3. Praying with you about this Tonya. Yes...Matthew is precious. Loved these pictures you took after his bath all wrapped up in his towel.

    Love, Linda

  4. oh, he's so yummy! I'm really sorry to hear your news. I'm praying fervently!

  5. Oh, Tonya...

    'seriously?' was the first word out of my mouth too. I'm so sorry. I absolutely hate this for you all. I don't know why it seems you just can't catch a break.

    I am praying. Chris and I prayed for Matthew and for you guys right after I read this. We love you.
    And God loves you too. so much.


  6. Goodness Tonya... I just had to take a deep breath for you. I totally hear you on thinking... what is going on here???? Tonya, I am praying that this all totally resolves itself, that the Lord takes away that cyst. I can't imagine all the thoughts that must go through your mind... I am praying for the Lord to give you peace and that you can rest in HIM... your matthew is a gift from HIM, hand crafted perfectly for you guys in the Lord's hands. And quite precious I might add... I am here for you... here for the long haul! Praying right now!

  7. I am SO sorry to hear this news about Matthew! I will be praying for him, for you and your family!

    And yes, he is SO adorable! Those pictures are great! :)

  8. He is truly handsome! What cute smiles and facial expressions he has! I am so sorry to read the unexpected news of the cyst. I can only imagine the roller coaster of emotions in processing all of this- and I'm so sorry you have to now walk this journey. I liked Sarah's post about Mathew was hand crafted perfectly for you, and the Lord knows all the intricate details of his body and brain. I will pray for Mathew today.

  9. Tonya,

    I am behind in the blog world lately, but just read about Matthew. I am praying for him and you all. I pray for healing for Matthew and for you to rest in God's sovereignty. God's peace and hugs to you.