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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tidbits from T

**How'd ya like those super cute pictures of sweet Matthew smiling yesterday? He was "talking" to me while in his bouncy seat yesterday morning and wouldn't stop smiling. I grabbed the camera and was finally able to capture more of his cuteness. He turns his head every time he smiles like it's just too much for him to handle.

**I'm loving the fact that I've found a way to pump milk and use my husband's laptop at the same time. I'm all about multi-tasking these days! Speaking of milk, I somehow managed to pump 30 1/2 ounces of milk for Matthew yesterday! I think that might just be a record. I didn't do anything differently...I'm hoping my body keeps up the good work!

**Jessica had a fantastic time on her weekend youth retreat with our church. They went to a beautiful place in the North Georgia mountains called Sharptop Cove. She had a busy weekend that included a mile-long zip line and a huge slide that dumped her into a lake. They had great services, and she made some new friends. Lots of kids accepted Christ into their hearts. What more can you ask for?!

I did have to take her back to the doctor yesterday, and she is being treated for asthma symptoms. A couple of weeks ago, I took her to an urgent care center for a terrible cough. She completed her antibiotic and steroids and seemed to be better. But after her weekend away, she came back and her cough worsened to as bad as it was to begin with. She is now on an inhaler and another steroid for five days. Dr. E doesn't think she has asthma, but she has acquired these symptoms that need to be treated and hopefully will go away. I've been praying like crazy that Emma Grace and Matthew don't get sick.

**Gib completed his half marathon in 2 hrs and 12 minutes. This was a great time for him because he didn't really do any specific training, and he said it was very "hilly". He and his buddy celebrated afterward by hitting The Varsity. Too funny!

**I've been able to get dinner on the table earlier this week which has helped tremendously with getting me out of the kitchen at a decent time. I've also made the decision (albeit not a very "green" one) to put the bottles (BPA free) and pumping stuff in the dishwasher and run it every night. It saves me SO much time, especially since I'm using Dr. Brown's bottles and each one has five pieces.

**I'm having coffee this afternoon with a friend whom I haven't spent much time with in a long time. I'm looking forward to catching up.

Speaking of friends, my friend, Tessa, had her twin boys on October 15th. (I asked y'all to pray for her and my friend, Jenny, a while back - thank you!) She made it to 36 weeks and each baby weighed a little over 5 pounds. They came home with her and avoided NICU, praise God!

Jenny is doing well also. She is now 36, almost 37 weeks, with her little girl. She is scheduled for a c-section on November 6th. All these weeks of bed rest have definitely paid off!

**Hopefully this weekend we are going to get our pumpkins. I hate that it's so late, but we just haven't had time until now. The weather is supposed to be beautiful. I'm just hoping it won't be too chilly for Matthew. We might go to Washington Farms this year where we can pick our own. I will have to call before we go to make sure they still have some.

**I've got to get my hiney in gear and get my thank you notes finished. I originally set a goal of writing five a day and did good for about three days. Then I slacked off and haven't pulled the stuff out again. I know people who gave us gifts and brought us meals must think I'm rude, but I will properly thank them. It just might take me a while.


**I've been anxiously waiting for Matthew's newborn pictures from my friend, April. She came to do them in September and told me it would be a while before she could get them edited and to me. She has a family, a full-time job and is in school full-time. I saw a few peeks on her camera, and I just know they are going to be great. She is so very talented, and I'm so thankful she will still photograph my family. My girls take the best pictures for her!

I wanted to send out birth announcements, but since the time is passing so quickly, I might just send something out with our Christmas cards to save on postage. I didn't send a single Christmas card last year, which was a first in 10 years. I am planning to send them this year, though. Sad thing is that the postage will cost more than the actual cards.

**My heart is so sad, and I feel the attack of Satan all around me. It seems that every time I turn around, someone is getting divorced. And if not divorced, infidelity has occurred and marriages are in turmoil as a result. I remember in our newly married Sunday School class, our teacher (who happened to be Gib's cousin) told us to always keep our eyes open and our guard up. That no matter how strong our faith is, Satan will do everything he can to break up the home. I'm seeing that truth all too often lately.

That's all I have time for this morning. Nothing too terribly exciting going on right now. Hope y'all have a great day!



  1. Loved the pictures of Matthew. He is just too cute. As for Satan, well, I hope he steers clear from you and your family. I see how happy you are and pray that God keep blessing you with joys.

  2. :) Matthew's pictures were so so precious! I loved them- I wish I could see him in person, smiling with those chubby cheeks!

    We just went to the pumpkin patch yesterday too. It was so fun. I hope y'all had a good time too. This first of the holiday season with our little ones in our arms... sigh.

    My heart is heavy too, friend. Very heavy.

    love you,