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Thursday, October 7, 2010


Gib and Jessica took a long weekend trip to Colorado last Friday, October 1st. I was so excited for them to take a trip together. It was their first, and it was a GREAT one.

Gib's brother and his family live in Colorado, and Jessica has wanted to go to a Georgia football game for a long time. When Gib learned that Georgia would be playing in Colorado, his wheels started turning. And, fortunately, the trip came to fruition.

This was Jessica's third time flying.

We flew to Colorado for Arthur and Shannon's wedding in 2006, but she doesn't remember the flight to Montana when she was one. She had a GREAT time playing with her little cousins, Kylie and Collin.

Kylie declared Jessica her new best friend!

Even though the Bulldogs lost, it was a definite memory-making time for Jessica and Gib. Jessica got cold at the game and she said "It was long". But now she can say she has been to one. It was an extra special time for Gib and his brother, Arthur, because they never get to see each other, much less go to a GA football game. They are HUGE Bulldog fans and are constantly on the phone when a game is on. I wish I had a picture of the two of them, but no one took one. :(

Jessica did NOT want to come home. But who would want to leave a place like this?

See Jessica looking out at the view?

She got to ride in Uncle Arthur's Porsche.

Play on the massive play set in their back yard.

Swim in the pool and relax in their hot tub (which are obviously covered in this picture).

She even went shopping with Aunt Shannon, who spoiled her just a little. :) Jessica loved every minute of it! This was definitely a trip both she and Gib will remember. A great time was had by all!

Thank you Uncle Arthur, Aunt Shannon, Kylie and Collin for having them to your home and showing them such a good time!

The only downside is that they came home with a stomach bug. They picked it up somewhere on their trip. They are both feeling better. However, I'm holding my breath and praying REAL hard that Matthew, Emma Grace and I don't get it. I especially don't want Matthew to get it. To say that I've been a germ freak/nazi is an understatement. Hopefully the fact that he's getting my milk will help him stay well.

The weather is simply beautiful here for our fall break! We did have an awesome day at the Botanical Gardens on Wednesday of this week, just before Jessica got sick. We went with our friends next door, picnicked and hiked the nature trails along the river for over an hour. Matthew did great in the front carrier (Baby B'jorn, which I love equally as much as my Baby K'tan!) and slept the whole time.

Hope all of my blog friends are doing well!



  1. Yay! What a great memory for Jessica and Gib. That is awesome! And holy cow, I would have thought the house was a resort:) Thinking of you so much and praying for you as we approach the boys you!

  2. The vacation seems to have been a blast. It was good that Gib got to spend time with his brother. Family time is always a welcomed fun.

  3. That looked like so much fun!!! I'm so glad they got some good bonding time together. But the stomach bug, oh no! I'm so sorry. I hope everyone is feeling better this week and that you three didn't get it too.
    Man, it's going around here too. Bring on the antibacterial gel!

    love you friend,

    by the way.... did you know that lotrimen was jock itch cream?! Imagine my shock when I saw the generic form at wal-mart! ;)

  4. What sweet memories! No fun on the stomach bug though :(