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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Heaven on Earth

Matthew is home!

And we are thrilled.

It feels like a little of heaven on earth.

In more ways than one.

It's very surreal to have a living, crying baby here. I'm SO thankful. There aren't words to describe how I feel.


She's gonna kill me because she specifically told me NOT to put her picture on my blog. But I can't help it. She has been such an instrumental part of my life and I seriously don't think I could have made it through my last two births without her. This is Matthew and Suzanne. She was leaving as we got there to pick him up. Love you girl! Forgive me!?!? Thanks for everything!

Last feeding at the hospital.

No fancy going home outfit for him. Just a simple onesie that says it all. "Little Brother".

Leaving hospital.

First car ride & his cute little feet!

We brought him home around 6:30 Friday night, after a stop at the Zaxby's drive-thru for dinner. He did very well on his first car ride. He tried his best to stretch out, but he just couldn't do it. But he didn't make one peep and slept all the way home.

First picture at home!

His first time in the bassinett.

It wasn't long after he woke up that Emma Grace decided that she finally wanted to hold him. It was such a sweet time.

And a time of reflection and thankfulness for these two preemies, whose birthdays are both on the 16th day of different months. Both of whom we are eternally grateful. Both of whom we don't take for granted for one second. Jessica is included in those sentiments as well! We love her and are thankful for her, too! She just chose to enter this world in a much more calm, "normal" fashion.

The first night Matthew was home was definitely a honeymoon night. He ate every three hours and went sound asleep afterwards. Last night was a little different. He didn't finally settle until about 3:30am, but I expected this. The same thing happened with Emma Grace when we brought her home.

Matthew was on an every four hour feeding schedule in the hospital. Now he eats every two to three. I'm hoping he isn't going to lose much weight at his appointment tomorrow. I'm really trying to just breastfeed him because he paces himself very well and has the suck, swallow and breathe pattern down much better with the breast than the bottle. I've given him a couple of bottles, but he isn't much interested in them. He LOVES to nurse. He would do it for hours at a time if I would let him. I'm struggling with a happy-medium though because I have more milk than he needs right now. The challenge for me is to feed him and pump, but not too much, because I don't know when he's going to want to eat again. I know this is temporary, but it's a challenge all the same. But I'm up for it and thankful to have it!

Jessica and Emma Grace have been great helpers to me. Because she's older, Jessica has really stepped up to the plate, doing anything I need her to do. She is very sad that school starts tomorrow. She said this morning that she wants to stay home with Matthew. I understand. I wish she could be here, too.

I have one more thing to add to your prayer list, please, for our Matthew, in addition to his brain bleed resolving with no complications. Suzanne listened to him Friday morning and heard a heart murmur again. They have heard it on and off, and just to be sure, she called the cardiologist in to do an ECHO on Matthew's heart before we left. Dr. B, the cardiologist, called me Friday afternoon and Matthew has two small holes in the upper chamber of his heart between the two atria. One is called a patent foramen ovale, which usually closes at birth. I'm not sure what the other hole is from, but Dr. B was not the least bit concerned. He strongly believes both will close on their own, but he already has an appointment for another ECHO in two months.

That's about all I have time for now because I want to add pictures to this post which takes forever because I have so many pics on my camera. Well, he's awake, so I'll get this published when I can...

So it's now 5:30pm. Gib's parents came for a visit this afternoon.

And this is the scene right now.

My brother has taken the girls to the pool for one last hoorah before school tomorrow. Just remembered I have to make a list and go to the girls need food for their lunches. It's gonna be hard to get back in the swing of things I'm afraid.

Toodles for now!



  1. Have been waiting anxiously for an update. Thank you for doing it even though I know you are very busy. He is gorgeous and already looks bigger! I think about you and your family ALL the time. I look forward to watching Matthew (and the girls) as he grows and changes.

  2. He is so beautiful! I know that you could just stare at him for hours. Can't wait to meet him.

  3. He is such a little sweetheart. I am so overjoyed for you and glad you were able to bring him home this weekend! I'll be praying.

  4. goodness... He is such a doll... just precious. Thanks so much for sharing all of th pictures. His hair looks darker than it first did, at least in these pictures. Can you believe it? Are you just pinching yourself all the time? I just look at those pictures and am praising God continually for this precious gift of Matthew.

    I will praying for a smooth transition back into the school routine... I can't believe you all started already... I think we will start in a few weeks.

    So happy Matthew is home:)
    Praise God!

  5. So precious! Thankful he is home where he belongs. Pray things go well with everyone back in school. Now it's mommy and Matthew time!

    Debbie Waters

  6. Yay! He's home. I am so happy for you. He is just so sweet.

  7. Sweet pictures! Matthew is precious!!!!

  8. Sweet boy! Thank you for sharing him with us ;)

  9. I LOVED loved seeing you hold Matthew at home. Oh the relief and joy. Tonya, I'm so so happy for you.