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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What To Blog About?

I'm sure you've noticed, but I haven't blogged much since before Christmas. Problem is, I feel like I've lost my blog voice. I think about blogging and then think, "What will I write about?" Don't worry, it probably won't take this girl who loves to talk long to get back in the swing of things. This is the first blogging slump I've faced, and I don't much like it. I really enjoy blogging. I love connecting with all of you. I love sharing my feelings. I love writing to create memories for my family.

I'm sure there are lots of things I could blog about. Like how I recently discovered that I was terribly misunderstood by many of my family members after Grady went to heaven. That has stirred up lots of feelings in me, and will be a very controversial post to come, for sure. But I don't feel like going into it today.

I could blog about how I HATE the cold weather. I stay cold in the winter, and it doesn't help that right now we're having a huge cold snap here in the south. It also doesn't make it any more pleasant that we don't have a fenced back yard for Buddy, so I have to take him out in what feels like sub-zero temps for him to do his business early in the morning. And of course, yesterday, the coldest morning of the year, he was more interested in trying to chase leaves and pull me down than pooping. He was NOT on my happy list!

Or I could tell you about the wonderful time the girls and I had with my Aunt Juanita and Uncle Lawrence on Monday. (We picked blueberries at their house, remember?) She made a feast for lunch and then we sat in front of the wood-burning stove listening to stories of long ago.

I'm sure you'd want to know that my dinner plans fell to pieces last night, starting with the fact that my chicken wouldn't fit in the crock pot Monday night. I was going to cook it all day yesterday and make some white chicken chili. But I had to buy a roasting pan after work yesterday. I put it in the oven and thought for sure it would be done. But after cooking for almost three hours, the juices were way too pink. Plan B...Salmon patties. Problem was, after Gib opened the cans (with NO bones I must add) and I went to make them, I had no eggs. My sweet friend next door, Nicole, came to the rescue. (Thank you!) But it just wasn't as good as the chicken chili I planned AND we didn't eat until almost 7:30. Uggh.

We're hoping for snow tomorrow afternoon, but typically when they forecast it, we don't get it. We'll see what happens, but I have two girls who are REALLY hoping for some!

Before I go, a couple of pictures just for fun.

Gib was trying to relax in front of the fire. Buddy wanted to snuggle, too. But if you look closely, Gib has the vinegar-water bottle, hand-on-trigger, in his left hand. Thankfully, he didn't have to squirt Buddy...he behaved himself very nicely.

And look at what my girls did.

They were supposed to be "playing" in the playroom. Instead, they took ALL of their stuffed animals and covered ALL of the stairs with them. I had to help with that clean-up. It would have taken them all night!

Guess I found something to blog about today. Nothing of true significance, but something nonetheless.



  1. OK, that picture of Gib just made me laugh with the bottle in his hand. Hilarious. Was he really getting good rest:) Funny. I sent pictures:) and am sending prayers too.

    Your girls are so funny, the things that they love to do, that create such jobs for us too:) Precious girls you have Tonya.

    Thinking of our boys a lot today!
    Thankful for you!

  2. I've been thinking about you and looking for your posts... ;)
    I think I'm having the opposite problem. I could post twice a day...but thinking that I probably shouldn't.

    I hope that these cold dark January days are peaceful on you and your family.
    Let's get together soon...when things settle alittle back into the 'normal' routine.

    love you,

  3. oh, and I was going to say that I'd be happy to tell you about what happened last weekend with P. It really is an amazing story of his great providence.

  4. Your blogging voice sounds as strong as ever to me! I LOVE the pics of the girls and their stuffed animals. Did they just toss them down, or place them like that? Lord, don't let my kids get the same idea!! ((hugs)) Nicole

  5. Your pictures are so adorable. I love your blog and I'll be here whenever you post, however frequently that may be. I have been having trouble writing lately myself.

  6. how fun! my girls cover the stairs with their animals too. they love that!

  7. I go through blogging slumps too. Feel free to blog about whatever, sometime's those are fun! You must have freaked when you saw all those stuffed animals on the stairs! That's funny :)

  8. That picture of the stairs is priceless!

  9. Your chicken topic (or lack of chicken) made me smile. This has happenend to me too many times. It is nice to know others have been there and done that! I just need to remember to keep some salmon for these type of emergencies=)

  10. Love the stuffed animals....your girls rock! Just wanted to stop by and thank you for praying for me...and also to take some time to pray for you!