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Monday, January 11, 2010

Culture Shock & Birthday Wishes

Gib's dad celebrated his 70th birthday yesterday, January 10th.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! (or Pops as my girls affectionately call him)

They had a party at their house Saturday night for some of their friends, and we tagged along. I wanted to get him a blow-up walker as a gag gift. So off to the mall we went.

To Spencer.

Have you been in a Spencer store lately?

Well, I had not been in one for at least 15 years. And let me tell you, I was in a bit of shock.

We walked in as a family of four, and Gib kindly escorted the girls back out the front door very soon after stepping inside.

I couldn't believe my eyes. Spencer used to just have gag gifts and fun items for parties.

Not anymore.

After searching the store, I couldn't find what I was looking for. I felt a bit like an idiot going up to the sales person asking for a blow-up walker since the store clearly markets for a younger, different clientele with very different interests/desires. To my surprise, tucked away in a corner, they had one along with a blow-up bedside commode. I got the walker, paid for it, and quickly walked out the door to meet up with my family.

To say that I experienced a bit of culture shock would be a definite understatement. I really wasn't prepared for the changes in that store...but now I know.

Jessica surprised us all by hobbling into the party with the walker saying, "I'm supposed to be here for a party", walking and sounding like an elderly woman. The room of 70-somethings erupted into laughter.

Ahhh, the little things that make us proud!

Let me clarify the Pops is not elderly by any means. He is very much the handy man and handles their large farm with many animals just fine. Well, maybe with a few aches and pains, but he manages very well. I am blessed to have had this man in my life as a father-figure for the past 20 years.




  1. That is too funny !! I have been in the Spencer's store a while back and know it is definitely not a place for the young children. I am glad they had what you were looking for. This cracked me up. I am glad everyone had a fun time.

  2. Happy Birthday, Pops! When I met him, he and Gib's mom were sweet to me and the kids, and we have fond memories of riding their horses around the paddock. Hope we can do that again soon!

    Yes, Spencers is for the saucy, young crowd. Remember the novelty drinking straws we had at my 40th b-day party at Jeffrey's? I believe they were from Spencers. I kept mine as a memento, and if either of the kids comes across its hiding spot, I'll have some explaining to do! *note to self: dig out that straw and hide it better* :))

    Fun post, Tonya! Have a fab day!!
    ((hugs)) Nicole

  3. I too have insisted to my husband that gag gifts at Spencers are no longer your average gag gift. He tried to go in there for a Christmas gift and we walked back out. I can imagine how fast your husband walked out with the girls.