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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Letters and Numbers and Guests, Oh My!

104 fever





A quick update from our house. Emma Grace has the flu. Pretty sure it's the swine flu. Looks like we got the girls' vaccines a little too late. It takes two weeks to build up immunity, and tomorrow will be two weeks since they were vaccinated.

Jessica was sick over Thanksgiving break. Based on her symptoms and talking to the doctor yesterday, she probably had H1N1, too. She tends to fight things off pretty well. Emma Grace is a different story, although her immune system is MUCH stronger than it used to be.

Emma Grace came home from school Monday with a fever of 101. It quickly climbed to 102, then 103. Took her to the doctor yesterday where she was diagnosed. Her fever got up to 104.3 yesterday, and she was miserable! She got two doses of Tamiflu in her and one dose today. She's feeling better, but her fever is hanging between 101 - 102. I'm not giving her any medicine to bring it down unless it gets really high. The fever needs to help fight off this virus, so we'll just wait it out and treat as needed. She slept very well last night, and I know that helps.

Gib's best friend from Vermont, Stephen, is coming tonight and will be with us until Sunday. I hope he's brave enough to face this chaos! My house is a mess, and the germs are flying everywhere! We're excited to have him, but we're hoping he leaves as well as he comes.

That's all I have time for right now. I need to get some cleaning done and the rest of the Christmas decorations put up. I have a couple of deep posts I'm working on, so stay tuned.

Stay well and God bless!



  1. Thinking of you all and hoping for healing.

  2. Praying for sweet Emma Grace to heal up quickly:) Thinking of you Tonya. Praying for you tonight as December is upon us. Praying for the Lord to give you new strength each day.

  3. I hope everyone is better soon!

  4. Thanks for calling today. So good to talk to you.
    Hope Emma Grace is better tonight and able to get back to school tomorrow.

    love you,