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Friday, December 18, 2009

Busy. Busy. Busy.

I literally have ten minutes to write a post, so here are a few bullet points about what's going on.

*** I finished my Christmas shopping last night. I went by the Dollar Tree (my favorite dollar store, where everything is really one dollar). I was looking for some Christmas thank you cards, but instead got some reindeer antlers for Buddy and a stocking for Grady. Yes, friends, I got my most precious son in heaven a stocking from the dollar store! I've been looking for a plain white stocking and couldn't find one anywhere. I saw it and couldn't resist for the price. I'm going to take it to a local place today to see if it can be embroidered with his name.

The irony of this is that I ended up in line behind a mom and her baby. As I was standing there I couldn't help but think how everyone around was oohing and aahing over this baby and no one knew how I was hurting inside. Or who the white stocking was for. But when it was my turn to check out, the cashier told me how pretty she thought my Grady necklace was. I said thanks and couldn't help but tell her about my sweet baby boy. She probably didn't care and was probably very taken aback, but I got to talk about my baby boy, and I always love that.

*** Jessica had an awards ceremony yesterday and got five awards and a ribbon. I was certainly proud of her for her good grades and perfect attendance. But I was also thrilled when my husband walked into the gymnasium and surprised us both!

*** Today is another super busy day. Jessica has a sing along at 8:15 this morning and a party at 10:30. Emma Grace has a party at 1:15. Somewhere in there I have to wrap a few presents; deliver a present; get my paycheck; go to the bank, grocery store and the embroidery place; and get two ornaments. The girls and I are then coming home to bake some cookies for a cookie swap, ornament exchange and game night with our small group tonight.

I'm out of time. Gotta hop in the shower and wake my girls up in 15 minutes! I'll hopefully post more this weekend. Hope all of you have a great day!



  1. Hey T ~

    If you can't Grady's stocking stitched by "Stitching on the Square" you might want to call Joyce. She and Leisa can probably do it for you and it may be cheaper and quicker. Let me know if you want Joyce's cell.

    Talk to you soon,

  2. Tonya,
    I came over from another's blog and wanted to tell you how sorry I am about your precious Grady. I read your post and was brought to tears. I, too, have a glory baby and miss her very much!
    May God continue holding you in the palm of His hand

  3. Hey Tonya,
    It was so nice to hear what you have been up to... you do sound busy... it is about to get REAL busy around here once the other 3 girls arrive tomorrow. I am so glad you got to talk about Grady... we still need to talk about our boys... I think I will be 80 and still talking about Samuel:) Hey what is your Grady necklace... did you already tell me about it or post about it. I would love to see a pictuer of it.
    Tonya, I am praying for you friend. Praying for an extra measure of God's peace to be upon you as we head into the week before Christmas. He will carry us! Thinking of you!

  4. Can't wait to see you tonight!

    I hope this weekend was're one up on me, we haven't finished with our Christmas presents yet!

  5. I'm glad you found a stocking! I've been on the lookout for you. Bri gets here tonight and we are going to look for one for Ethan. I hope you have a blessed Christmas!

  6. I hope you feel better soon.I am about to bring you your breakfeast in bed.You were really busy.Thanks for tiding me into your story.

    love your daughter

  7. Sorry to hear you're sick...let me know if I can do anything.

    love you,