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Monday, December 7, 2009

Not Me!

I've always wanted to try this, so here goes. There's a first time for everything, right?

Not Me! Monday was created by MckMama to admit, and own up to, some of our imperfections and those things you certainly would never do...nope, not you!

Or me.

1. I most certainly did not use mismatched bedding on the twin bed upstairs for our guest this past week. I would never do that. I would most definitely go against what Dave Ramsey teaches and spend money that is not in our budget to buy matching bedding, just for appearance sake.

2. I did not make a mattress pad from a folded queen size sheet, and cover it with a twin sheet, because I did not have one for that mattress. That would be terrible. Our guest would certainly not be comfortable on that.

3. I am always very careful in the kitchen when I cook. I absolutely did not try to pick up an iron skillet with my bare hand after cooking cornbread in it at 450 degrees. That would be careless and just plain ridiculous.

4. I would never buy my husband a pair of fleece lounge pants for Christmas and then just give them to him. I would definitely wrap them properly and put them under the tree until Christmas day.

5. I absolutely did not leave the dishes, or my kitchen, untouched from Friday night until this afternoon. Only someone who doesn't care about the appearance of their kitchen would do that. Most definitely not me!

6. I did not spend all of Sunday afternoon snuggled up under a blanket watching episode after episode of Hoarders while my children played upstairs in the bonus room with a friend. I am much more attentive to them and would most certainly be more productive!

7. My feet never get cold. So there's no reason that on said afternoon that I heated a rice pack in the microwave, put it on my feet and tried to get them warm. Isn't that what socks are for?

8. I always follow the rules of etiquette, so I most definitely did not forget to have Emma Grace make a birthday card for her friend's present that I delivered last week. I would never forget something so important, even if Emma Grace did have the flu.

9. I did not make Emma Grace stay in the pants she spilled sweet tea all over yesterday after church. That would be mean, especially considering how cold it was here. I always keep an extra change of clothes for my children, even at ages 6 and 10, in my car. (HA!)

10. And lastly I did not take these cheesy before and after photos of myself today because I was SO excited to get my hair cut and colored. Only a goof ball would even think of doing that. Not me!

***Edited: I realized that blogger puts the first picture in a post on other people's blogs and on blogger dashboard. I could NOT have the before picture plastered all over the place. So here's the "after" picture first...

And here are the before pictures...

(See how white-headed I am? A disgrace at 37 years of age, I must say. Thank God for Casey and color!)

So there you have it! My first Not Me! Monday post. It was actually very fun! Maybe I'll do it again soon...



  1. Great job on your first 'Not Me'. It was fun to read. I love your new color!

  2. Your hair looks great, Tonya!!! And did you see your picture and my picture on mckmama's blog yesterday?? I felt so "blogamous" (aka---blog famous)..ha! Hope you are doing well...

  3. Beautiful, Tonya. I love your hair.

    By the way, you're too funny...

    love you,

  4. LOVE your blog and I have an Emma Grace toooo! :)

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  6. I love you and I know that that is not you.

  7. Tonya,

    I love this! I think as women we often feel that we have to be perfect. Thanks for sharing your "not me" with all of us and showing us that we don't have to be perfect all the time. From what I have seen you are an AMAZING mommy to Emma Grace, Jessica and baby Grady and that's all that matters.

    I love your new do!! It looks great on you!