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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Card Dilemma

Oh, the simplest things can bring me so much stress these days.

In the past, I've never questioned whether or not to send out Christmas cards. I've sent out a picture card every year since Jessica was born. But this year, I'm not sure if I'm going to send them.

Not just because I don't have a good picture of the girls (I could work on that here at home), but mainly because of the cost. Last year I sent out 150 - 175 cards and announcements of Grady. I'm extremely blessed to have added so many new friends this year and that total would be close to 200! Between the cost of the cards and postage, I just don't know if I can justify spending that much money this year. It isn't something I budgeted for, but you can bet they'll be in the budget for next year!

So, tell me what you think about this...


I'm thinking about composing a Christmas letter to email to everyone for whom I have an email. Attached would be a collage of photos from this past year of our family.

Does anyone know how to make a collage of photos? If so, please email me and share your knowledge!

Then I thought I would buy a small pack of Christmas paper and print the letter, along with a few of the collages, to mail to those for whom I do not have an email.

So what do you think... Would that be tacky? Or do you think it's a good "green" idea? (for both my budget and the environment!)

Speaking of Christmas cards, I got one yesterday addressed to Gibson, Tonya, Jessica, Emma Grace and "angel boy" Grady.

That warmed and touched my heart to the core!

Off to get dressed for something called "Married Life Live Goes Christmas" at Northpoint Community Church. We're going with our small group from church. My girls are going next door to hang out with their BFF Sidney and are so excited they can't wait. Even though they aren't spending the night, bags and sleeping bags are waiting by the door. The weather is very cold here and it's supposed to start raining. Yuck! Oh well, it should still be a fun night!

Have a great rest of the weekend! Let me know what you think about my Christmas card dilemma....



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  2. Tonya,
    Hey girl, I am in the same quandry... so much for postage these days. Personally I think the email is a really good idea. I may still send out stuff this year... Hey I want to talk to you, even if it is brief, I can't post about it yet... I will be out and about all day tomorrow. Could you email me your number again... I need to write it down once and for all in a safe place:) Let's talk soon! Praying for you sweet friend. Missing our sweet, precious boys today.

  3. We usually do a letter on regular paper with a Christmas-y border and a photo (9 cents/photo at Walmart) to around 100 people. Cost is about $75 total, much more reasonable. I think the Christmas-y card pictures are cute but people take them down after Christmas. Our more generic picture hopefully stays up longer or even gets framed (by relatives) which makes the cost more justifiable. I don't usually send pics of the boys during the year (bad me!) That's how I do it.

  4. When you get your christmas cards send one to me. I love you mommy.

    --love, Jessica

  5. I love you because you are my mommy.You are my favorite cause you care for me.By the way Merry christmas!When you get a chance to get christmas cards, can you please give me achristmas card.You are my favorite mommy in the whole wide world, because you are the bestest mommy.Your blog is soooooooooo cute! I loooooooove it soooooooooo very much that you should put some more pictures on it of are family.I love you with all my heart and much,much more.I'm looooooooving your blog,your geting more comments'.Your blog is sooooooooooo wonderful (good)I hope you are having a good (wonderful) reading other blogs.

    Jessica,Emma Grace

  6. We're not sending out cards this year either. I've got some cards to hand deliver to relatives, but I agree it's so expensive these days. I think we're going to send out a letter (maybe even closer to New Years) via email and I will probably post something on the blog too.

    It was great meeting you the other day! So nice to actually be able to hug your neck and know you understand. Wishing you and your family a very blessed Christmas!

  7. Hey Tonya...I love your girls. They are so precious.

    Last year we sent out Christmas cards just to family. I think we will do that again. Emails are a great way to do Christmas cards. I don't know how to do collages, but it sounds like a good idea.

    love you!

  8. Don't over think it. My work is finally booming and I simply have not had the time to get the Christmas card thing together. While I love getting your card every year and I save them all every year so I can look back and see how the girls are changing every year, I can get pics via e-mail or look on your blog for that too.

    I have your Angel baby's picture in my office and look at him every day.

    I think about you all the time and wonder how you are doing. I read your blog and that let's me see...wish there were not so many miles between us.

    Much love! Please wish all of the Lowry's a very Merry Christmas!!!!

    In His never ending Grace,