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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Short and Sweet

I have several posts circulating around in this here scattered brain of mine. But today, I have decided to be short and sweet.

I want to share with you something that Emma Grace said Thursday night.

While she was having dessert, I was making a short grocery list for Friday. For some reason, she added eggs to my list. Then she added her and Jessica's name to the list because she wanted them to go with me.

I was going to stop by Walmart on my way home from a meeting at the hospital yesterday and told her I couldn't get eggs at Walmart. I only buy organic eggs from Kroger. Well, they don't necessarily have to come from Kroger. That just happens to be our local grocery store. But, they do have to be organic, free-range eggs. Picky? Yes. But that's okay in my book. Picky is better when it comes to certain things. Eggs being one of them, in my opinion.

Sorry...I got side-tracked! Happens easily to me, it seems...

Then I said to her, "And I can't buy you and Jessica because the two of you are priceless!"

Her reply...

"Yep. We don't even have a bar code!"

I have no idea where she even knows about bar codes (maybe from scanning items in the self-checkout line), but I have to tell you that it gave me a good laugh. A belly laugh that I very much needed!


Gib got a last-minute call last night to go trout fishing this morning. Luckily, we didn't already have plans, so he was able to go. He's already back, catching flies on the sofa. I can't stand how easily he can just fall asleep...wherever, whenever. It drives me crazy!

Us girls were at the pool when it opened this morning. We stayed until a little after 1pm. We've had lunch. They've showered and are waiting to play with their friend next door. I'm finishing this post, so I can get a bit of cleaning done.

But before I go, here are a few pictures of them in the pool today.

Oh, and just one more cute thing. I got dressed Thursday, and Emma Grace had to dress as close to me as she could. Daddy thought it was cute and captured the moment. Please ignore the dirty lunch dishes behind us, but please do notice the careful attention she took in being just like me...including a necklace and a bracelet on her left arm.

Have a great weekend!



  1. Tonya -
    Cute pictures of the girls and isn't imitation the sincerest form of flattery? Sweet girl!

    We try to be as healthy as possible too! Another thing we have in common. How do you like your grass-fed beef?
    Hope your weekend continues to be special!

  2. Tonya, Emma's bar code remark was hilarious!
    Do you keep a diary of things the kids do and say? (Well I guess you blog them, that is good enough... smile!)

    Glad you enjoy your kiddos so much and know how to let loose and "belly laugh",...I love that!

  3. Emma Grace is just too cute. I love that!

    Jessica's handstands look like they're getting better every day!

    Hoping today is gentle on you both.