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Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day, 2011

I hope all of you had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday. Mine was quiet, which was nice.

Saturday, the girls and I attended a picnic at the River Forks Park & Campground for a balloon release with Rock Goodbye Angel. It was absolutely beautiful! (other than the fact that it was cold and very windy!) I've never been there, but our family will be taking a day trip when the weather warms up a bit more. It only costs $5 to get in and there's an awesome playground and beach area on the lake with picnic tables, grills, and plenty of grass and trees to relax under.

We released balloons for babies who have gone before us. I released a balloon for Grady, as well as balloons for several of my friends' babies, too. It is amazing to think that 2 1/2 years ago, I knew absolutely no one who had lost a baby...

Jessica seemed fine while we were there, but she fell asleep on the way home, which is VERY unusual for her. Later in the day she told me her throat hurt. Upon Momma T's inspection, I found a very red throat with some white pus pockets. Off to the urgent care we went. So glad we did because she had strep. Because she started on antibiotics Saturday night, she felt great this morning and was able to go to school.

So, we spent the morning home from church yesterday. I originally thought it would be great to sleep in...Gib could get up with Matthew, etc. However, I was already awake. I went to the kitchen to warm his bottle, and Gib went to Matthew because he was crying. Gib had picked him up, and when I walked in, he all but lunged for me. How's that for a sweet Mother's Day present? And the even better part? He let me snuggle him on my shoulder for at least five minutes while his bottle warmed. That was definitely better than any sleep could ever be!!!

As I was rocking him, I couldn't help but think back to the previous two Mother's Days. I was heartbroken in 2009 because Grady wasn't with us and last year, I was pregnant with Matthew but had no idea if he would be here this year or not. (I just realized that I never did a Mother's Day post last year...BAD, BAD!) My heart was full and overjoyed to be holding that baby boy yesterday morning, as I am each and every day.

Emma Grace woke up after Matthew went down for his morning nap. She brought me a gift she made at school. It was a beautiful bracelet with different beads. She snuggled in my lap for a long time which was doubly wonderful. Not long after, Jessica followed. Wow, that girl has gotten so big! She smothered me snuggled with me, too which was triply wonderful! She sent me a beautiful text with a flower on it wishing me a Happy Mother's Day. I love my children more than there are words in the human vocabulary!

Matthew ate some banana and sweet potato puffs for the first time yesterday. And he LOVED the banana in this mesh teether.

He even decided to be "cool" and just veg with Daddy. I've not seen him this relaxed on someone's lap in a long time. He's very busy these days! (In case you're wondering, Gib is holding a burp cloth, and if you look closely in the picture below, you can see Gib kissing Matthew's head. Sweet!)

And of course, I had to snap this picture when I got back from the doctor with Jessica Saturday evening. This hasn't happened in a long time either.

Since we didn't go to church yesterday, there was no dressing up for us. This is the only picture of me and my kiddos that was taken.

Jessica made yummy brownies, and we completed the night with spicy Chinese food and a game of Yahtzee, in which Emma Grace beat us BAD! Two Yahtzees! Go Eggiey! (I know that spelling makes no sense, but it's how she spells her nickname!)

Speaking of her, she also made me a card at school. You know the kind, with all the fill in the blanks. Here's a sampling...

My mom can do many things! I think she's best at...takeing care of us and loveing me.

My Mom has a pretty smile! I like to make her smile by...huging her.

My Mom is smart! She even knows...when to make me happy.

My Mom is as pretty as a...flower.

I'd like to tell my Mom...I Love You.

She is special because...she makes banana pudding and buys me clothes.

She's all about the "love" for sure! And she always has a way of remembering Grady in all that we do. I came home from the store and getting dinner last night to find this written on the driveway.

As usual, I've spent too much time on this stupid computer this morning. Gotta try to get something accomplished today!

Love and blessings to you!



  1. Well I sure enjoyed this post your time doing the post was worth it in my opinion! (:>)

    Loved seeing Matthew in those cozy, snuggle pictures. He is so precious. It did look like he was enjoying the banana in that thingy.

    So glad you you enjoyed this Mother's Day Tonya. You are a great mommy!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  2. Tonya, Can I just say that you look great:) Really, seeing those sweet pics of Matthew with Gib and you with the 3 kids just made me miss you. I so wish I could just pop over and finally get my hands on Matthew... I can 't believe that he is already 9 months old. Wow... Thanks so much for releasing a balloon for Samuel. You are right, what a difference a baby in your arms makes with Mother's Day. As much as we are still missing the boys, there is so much joy and gratefulness to have one here hey?

    Miss you friend.

  3. I love these pictures. Thank you so much for releasing a balloon for us. I'm glad it was a good weekend. I love all the snuggly pictures with Matthew. Your kids are so sweet.

    love you!

  4. :) I loved this post...SOOO special!!!