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Monday, May 16, 2011

10 Months Old

Matthew got this hat at the NICU reunion we went to this past weekend. I think he's VERY cute in it! And, I think he feels the same way! I cannot believe that my boy is almost one already! It seems like just yesterday that I was writing his nine month post. Maybe it feels that way because I was so late getting it up!

I wish his eczema wasn't flaring again in these pictures. He does have good days with it, but it always seems to be inflamed when I take pictures. This is an 18 month outfit, by the way. And once again, the sign was very interesting!

I took the paper away, and he wasn't happy.

Many things are still the same with sweet Matthew, but here's an update anyway.

--He still loves to eat. We are slowly introducing finger foods, but he did not do well this morning. I gave him some banana which he promptly gagged on, and he followed with the same reaction to a cheerio. Pureed breakfast it was!

He can take or leave the bottle now that he's getting just formula. It's a struggle to get him to take it at times, but he must have the nutrition that comes from it. He doesn't love the sippy cup, either. He will pick it up and chew on the tip, that's about it.

--He weighed 22 pounds at the neurologist on Friday, May 6th. He is quickly outgrowing some of his 12 month clothes, and I just bought a box of size 3 diapers yesterday that I'm considering taking back for size 4. His thighs are chunky and delicious, as are his cheeks!

--He has settled into two solid naps a day, one morning and one afternoon. He usually wakes up happy and talking. If he wakes up crying, I know he didn't get his nap out. Some days it's easier to get him back to sleep than others. His morning nap is usually 1 - 1 1/2 hours and his afternon nap is 2 hours, sometimes 3! He sleeps 11-12 hours at night, but someone needs to tell him about sleeping in on the weekend! I often have to wake him to get him fed and the girls to school on time, but he's awake bright and early on Saturday and Sunday! I'm SO ready for summer break!

--He has mastered rolling. And rolling. And rolling. Across the room in no time! He also loves to turn in circles on his hands. Of course, he can turn better circles to his left than he can to his right. We are still working on that right side. He tries to army crawl, but he just doesn't have the strength yet. We have spaced his physical therapy out to every other week now to give him more time to work on mastering new things.

--The neurologist was pleased when we saw him on the 6th. He was very positive and encouraging about Matthew's prognosis. Matthew still struggles with that right arm/hand. To just look at him, you would never know he had any issue at all. He can move it in general but has a very hard time with more controlled, fine motor skills on that side. I'm going to talk to his physical therapist about having occupational therapy do an evaluation on him. I want to intervene early if he needs help.

--He gave up his paci, literally overnight. He absolutely refused to take it one day and acted like I was torturing him when I tried to give it to him. So, it's gone! He hasn't had it in about a week now. I'm glad he gave it up so easily, but I didn't think it would happen so soon.

--He loves to sleep on his tummy now, but he often wakes up soaked with pee. I've switched to overnight diapers and they help sometimes. (And yes, I do point "it" down when I put his diaper on!) I've been doing lots of laundry lately!

--He still isn't doing much in the way of "talking". He still just grunts and makes noises. Occasionally, he has put an "m", "b", and "g" in front of his sounds but nothing consistent. He has come up with some new noises, though, that are quite sweet, entertaining and high-pitched at times.

--He loves to ride in the stroller and still does very well in the car. His favorite toy is a beaded teether. He loves his sisters and Buddy (the dog). He laughs at his bottle when he's done with it, which he has started trying to hold some, too. He loves to hold paper or books, and when he does, he turns them in circles in his hands. He still loves his mobile, but I only put it up for short times so he doesn't pull it on top of himself.

I put him in the corner behind the mobile because I wanted to show how much he loves this thing! But, he is usually on his back, like this...

And just because I think it's sweet. I went in to check on him after he went to sleep at nap time today and found his toes sticking out of his bumper guard...

And this is often what I see when I go check on him and he's not asleep...

We love you Matthew! Happy 10 month birthday!


  1. What an absolutely precious boy. How can he be 10 months old already:) CRAZY! Tonya, I can't get over how much he looks like you... more so than any of your other kids, I think. Give him a big hug from the Hintz crew:)

  2. He is SO precious! My goodness, what a blessing! :) I can't believe he's 10 months old. We don't know one another, but I've been following your blog for sometime and it literally seems like yesterdsya he was born. :)

    Happy 10 months Matthew!

  3. He is adorable! Huggie Supreme's worked with my son on keeping him dry, not sure why but they worked on him and not my girls. I love the pictures of him reaching for his mobile with his right hand. Have OT check for Sensory Issues on the food, kind of sounds like how Morgan did with her food. OT can help with that too!
    Have a great summer!